‘Fill Your Pantry’ earnings to Corvallis as organizer faces transitions

November 4, 2014 - storage organizer

The Benton County Fairgrounds was bustling Sunday afternoon with people shopping bulk quantities of long-lasting staples such as garlic, potatoes, dusty beans, honey, furious rice, buckwheat flour, rolled oats, and a far-reaching accumulation of winter squashes.

The “Fill Your Pantry” eventuality packaged Guerber Hall during a fairgrounds with shoppers and vendors.

It came as a event’s organizer, Ten Rivers Food Web, is in transition following a finish of a vital three-year extend from a Meyer Memorial Trust in August.

Linda Sebring, a house member with Ten Rivers, pronounced a finish of a extend means a classification will have fewer veteran staff members to devise and classify projects, yet a nonprofit is anticipating to reinstate them with an active proffer house that can continue a organization’s efforts to build a stronger network of food producers.

Sebring pronounced a Fill Your Pantry eventuality is expected to continue since it raises adequate income by a fees farmers compensate for their booths to be self-sustaining.

She combined that carrying an active house run projects was how Ten Rivers, that tries to boost internal food prolongation and expenditure in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties, operated before a Meyer grant.

Sebring pronounced that Ten Rivers’ idea of building a stronger network of food producers gets people a aloft peculiarity of food, yet it can also assistance isolate a village from increasing food prices when oil becomes some-more expensive.

Sebring pronounced a internal farmers offered during a eventuality also make a improved income offered during events like this than during a blurb grocery since there is no pull holding a cut.

“The essence of a eventuality is to bond internal producers of storage dishes with people that would like to squeeze them,” she said.

Michelle Layman, an worker of Greenwillow Grains, that sells grains milled in Brownsville, pronounced a eventuality allows farmers get to transparent out register during a finish of harvest, and business get to buy it during a bit of a discount.

“It’s a win-win all a approach around,” she said.

Layman pronounced Greenwillow also sells during farmers markets, yet Fill Your Pantry is one of a miller’s biggest sales events by volume.

Layman combined that a village likes ancillary internal farmers.

“What improved approach to feed your family than to batch adult with things that is local?” she said.

Roxy Miller, of Lebanon, preordered some-more than $130 in foods, including onions, potatoes, popcorn and beans, for a event. She pronounced she’s shopped during it a final 3 years and likes locally constructed dishes adequate to buy them even if they cost a small more. She combined that she hopes a eventuality continues, even yet Ten Rivers’ Meyer extend has run out.

“I’m really meddlesome in ancillary food that is grown locally,” she said.

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