First Look: Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Modular Storage System

July 19, 2017 - storage organizer

There are several stacking storage systems from apparatus manufacturers that are as organic for organizing and storing fishing and sport rigging as they are for gripping collection and hardware in order. But if you’re looking for a complement with a many flexibility, continuance and crash for a buck, Milwaukee Tool’s PACKOUT Modular Storage System (available in September) puts all a other systems in a dust.

It’s not only a array of boxes of opposite heights like a competition; it includes tough cases, soothing totes and organizers of opposite heights, widths and storage configurations. Milwaukee describes it as a multi-footprint complement since any of a storage components can be snapped together in roughly any position.

To keep it mobile, a PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box ($130) is a good place to start since it serves as a rolling bottom for any of a other organizers, totes or apparatus boxes. It incorporates 9-inch, all-terrain wheels mounted on a steel through-axle, and it has a 250-pound weight capacity. All a tough apparatus boxes are done of impact-resistant polymer with metal-reinforced corners and are hermetic opposite dirt and water.

The system’s singular Mod-Lock connection resource (photo above) is simple, secure and discerning to use, and it’s concordant with all 8 of a complement containers. The modules simply snap in and out; there is no fumbling with latches.

The dual organizers (below) have hermetic bins that would be ideal for tiny equipment such as fishing lures and tackle. They’re also done to forestall anything from migrating from one cell to another.


An engaging choice is a ability to insert an organizer underneath a receptacle for rarely unstable field-storage solution. The totes are accessible in 10-, 15- and 20-inch sizes ($80 to $130) and are done of rarely durable ballistic nylon with impact-resistant molded bases.

Investing in a complement like this can be a poignant financial commitment, so we design it to reason up. And it’s not only about a storage; what we have inside is expected to be value most more. In a corresponding dispersion demo, a PACKOUT apparatus box came divided radically protection from a petrify retard being forsaken on it from 5 feet, while a competitor’s apparatus box shattered. It’s arrange of like shopping a gun protected that can be damaged into simply verses one that provides genuine security. The latter is clearly a intelligent choice.

To see and know a extraordinary flexibility of a Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT system, check out a video below.

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