Five Best Laptop Bags

August 10, 2014 - storage organizer

Five Best Laptop Bags

Finding a ideal laptop bag is no easy task. Some of us use whatever we got with a laptop, others spend hundreds on a ideal bag. This week, we asked we for a best, and out of dozens of good options, we’re looking during a tip 5 formed on your nominations.

Whether it’s a trek or a messenger, a erratic tag or a briefcase, we asked we for your favorite laptop bags progressing this week and we responded with tons. Seriously, we nominated close to a hundred different, good bags, and they were all great. Even so, we could usually collect 5 to prominence here, and there were some nominees that rose to a top. Here they are, in no sold order.

Timbuk2 Commute/Command

Five Best Laptop Bags

The Command and Commute by Timbuk2 both could have had their possess entries in a tip five, yet we put them together given they’re from a same folks, and they’re really identical in build and design. Both bags are designed to take whatever we chuck during them, possibly it’s airline transport (the stream iteration of both a Commute and Command are TSA-compliant), bike rides to work, commutes in a car, or walking around town. They’re both accessible in 3 sizes to accommodate any distance laptop (or person), underline easy-clean TPU liners, and soothing padded sleeves to strengthen your laptop. Both can be ragged as messengers or briefcases, and embody a array of extras to give we easy entrance to H2O bottles, keys, and other accessories yet digging by your bag. The Commute is a classic, featuring a waterproof flap, complicated velcro closures, and hard-snap buckles that keep your bag sealed tight, yet sacrificing inner pockets and sleeves for pens, phones, energy bricks, cables, and other accessories. The Command on a other palm is a small lighter and facilities Timbuk2’s wordless open and tighten complement so we can get in and out quickly. You also have easy side entrance if we need something, a front organizer, steel fasteners on a front, apart sleeves for laptops and tablets, and even a pass-through for easy lift on rolling luggage.

Both models warranted a ton of regard in a call for contenders thread. Full disclosure, we nominated a Commute since we have one, and like many of you, it’s lasted me so prolonged that while I’d adore to buy another or try a Command, we can’t clear a squeeze since a bag is so good built. Almost any commemorative in a thread as positive, and we all praised both bags’ build quality, and sturdiness, generally during a price. The Command will set we behind between $129-$149 (before accessories and customizations), and a Commute will set we behind between $109-$129. You can review some-more about a Commute in its assignment thread here, and some-more about a Command in its assignment thread here.

The ThinkGeek Bag of Holding

Five Best Laptop Bags

ThinkGeek’s carried a Bag of Holding for ages, and certain enough, it’s a follower that we competence indeed consider is bigger on a inside. What started as an aged DD joke has incited into a well-regarded and well-recognized follower that has space for a laptop adult to 17″, can be purchased as a follower or a trek (the trek is comparatively new), and is built of plain weather-resistant board that’s soothing adequate to not be a pain to open, yet imperishable adequate to take a beating. All of a zippers are coronet and tighten firmly yet slipping open, and a riveted fixtures both demeanour good and keep a tag shut. The laptop cell itself is padded to keep your laptop safe, yet in further to a laptop cell there are also dual some-more compartments subsequent to it, a velcro slot in front of that, and a zippered cell right on a tag for essentials we need discerning entrance to. You can squeeze measurements for any of a compartments over during ThinkGeek’s site, yet vocalization as someone who’s been hands-on with one of these before, we won’t have difficulty wise all of your things into it.

In a nominations thread, we also common a unrestrained for both a Bag of Holding’s name and a implausible storage—the distance is great, yet even yet it has a lot of space, it doesn’t have a ton of dissimilar sleeves and pockets for accessories (We’d advise we collect adult a Grid-It organizer. These bags are perfect for them.) Some of we forked out that a Bag of Holding is sturdy, long-lasting, and one of your remarkable you’ve had yours for good over 5 years and it’s still going strong. If you’d like one, we can collect it approach from ThinkGeek for $50. Read some-more in a assignment thread here.

Mission Workshop Sanction

Five Best Laptop Bags

The Sanction carrier from Mission Workshop is a 20-liter carry-all that’s waterproof, prolonged opposite your behind and gentle to wear for prolonged periods, stylish, and doesn’t skimp on a space and organizational tricks inside to to keep all of your rigging protected and orderly arranged. We mentioned that it’s waterproof, yet even some of a inner sleeves and pockets are also waterproof or weatherproof, and competition urethane coated zippers so zero gets in. It facilities a vast inner support piece to assistance it keep a figure as we wear it on your back, and if you’re disturbed that such a vast trek won’t have a sleeve for your laptop, you’d be wrong. There’s a vast inner zippered slot that supports only about any distance laptop nicely. The double grip on a behind creates certain your bag is secure possibly you’re on a sight or on a bike, and a slot on a behind gives we discerning entrance to essentials.

The Sanction warranted your regard in a nominations thread for being an impossibly weatherproof bag—in fact, reader cjammet, who nominated it, remarkable he’d been in monsoons with a thing and carried supportive apparatus like a DSLR inside. Sure enough, all stayed dry. If you’re meddlesome in one, we can obstacle one for $189 approach from Mission Workshop, finish with a lifetime warranty. Read some-more about it in a assignment thread here.

Strellson Messenger Bag “Hunter”

Five Best Laptop Bags

Swiss association Strellson’s bags are really high fashion, yet they’re also built to last. The couple above goes directly to their site (and is in German), yet we can buy their bags direct, from eBay, from a store if there’s one nearby you, or from a third celebration like Wardow’s collection. That said, a Hunter array of leather briefcase/messenger bags from Strellow are done wholly of high-quality, water-resistant vintage-styled leather. The bags come in mixed sizes to accommodate opposite physique forms (and laptops or tablets inside), and facilities double closures with one loop closure during a front and Velcro strips to keep a tag secured. Polished steel clasps keep all closed, and Each Hunter also packs tons of pockets inside for files, organizers, pens and notebooks, keys, phones, and other accessories. There’s a padded laptop sleeve as good that can accommodate between a 13″ and 17″ laptop, depending on a distance we buy.

Finding a Hunter might be tricky, yet those of we who praised a assignment favourite a bag that functions only as good as a briefcase as it does a messenger, and doesn’t demeanour bungled in possibly case. The Hunter can be ragged over or opposite a shoulder or carried by palm around a hand-strap. In a nominations thread, we praised a all-leather build, and a fact that as a leather weathers over time, a bag still looks great. If we don’t like a all-brown leather, there are black options accessible too. They’ll set we behind between €169.00 (~ $227 USD) to €189.00 (~$254 USD) depending on a indication we get and where we can find them. Read some-more in a assignment thread here.

Waterfield Designs Staad Laptop Backpack

Five Best Laptop Bags

The Staad Laptop Backpack from Waterfield Designs (aka comes in both “slim” and “stout” models depending on how many we need to carry, yet both underline copiousness of space to lift a cover adult to 15″ with room to gangling for accessories and peripherals. You can select tan waxed-canvas or black ballistic for a physique of a bag, and black, chocolate or “grizzly” leather for a flap. If you’re looking for a trek that we can wear in an bureau sourroundings that doesn’t demeanour like we only got out of a classroom, this is one value a look. it’s weather-resistant, and a core zipper pulls down a bit to give we entrance to both a laptop and dissimilar inscription sleeves, along with a categorical enclosing and twin erratic pockets for smaller equipment like energy bricks, phones, cameras, and other items.

In a nominations thread, we highlighted a fact that a Staad was a attractive backpack, maybe even moreso in chairman than in pictures, good designed, and done of reward materials. If you’re meddlesome in one, you’ll dump $319 for a slim model, and $329 for a vigourous model. Read some-more in a assignment thread here.

Now that you’ve seen a tip five, it’s time to put them to an all out opinion to confirm a Lifehacker village favorite.

There were copiousness of contenders to select from in this week’s honest mentions, yet some of a many important were a Deuter Giga Flat, a Deuter Giga Office, and a North Face Surge II Backpack. The Deuter Giga Flat and Deuter Giga Office are both affordable models, trimming between $70-$80 depending on a models we want. They’re both backpacks, designed for both bland carryall use and imperishable outdoor use, and are H2O resistant.The Giga Flat is built for business use to lift laptops and tablets in a all-around padded behind cell and files, accessories, and other equipment a front organizer pockets. It even has a special valuables slot that’s some-more secluded than a others, and a sternum tag for long-term wear.

Despite a name, a Giga Office is designed for outdoor and propagandize use, done of a some-more breathable fabric, facilities a waterproof slot to possibly keep equipment dry (or besiege soppy ones from a rest of a bag), and packs a front laptop appendage slot privately to cut down on wire clutter. There’s a outrageous laptop cell in a Giga Flat as well, along with a sternum tag and an discretionary waist tag for long-term comfort. It even has side application straps and an outmost H2O bottle widen pocket.

The North Face Surge II is a carryall trek that can lift whatever we need it to in slim style. It’ll set we behind $130, yet for your income we get a preference of tone and material, a outrageous laptop cell that can support a 17″ laptop if we need it to, breathable shoulder straps, a padded, stowable hipbelt and a sternum strap, and a breathable behind pad. It’s done of ballistics nylon, and is TSA-compliant.

Want to make a box for your personal favorite, even if it wasn’t enclosed in a list? Remember, a tip 5 are formed on your many renouned nominations from a call for contenders thread progressing in a week. Don’t only protest about a tip five, let us know what your elite choice is—and make your box for it—in a discussions below.

The Hive Five is formed on reader nominations. As with many Hive Five posts, if your favorite was left out, it didn’t get a nominations compulsory in a call for contenders post to make a tip five. We know it’s a bit of a recognition contest. Have a idea for a Hive Five? Send us an email during!

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