Five Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Functional and Beautiful

March 3, 2017 - storage organizer


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Photo by Toby Weiss of Mosby Building Arts

Kitchens are a workhorse of a home. We qualification and devour dishes in them, accumulate and perform in them, and use them as a authority center. But what if your space is a distance of a tiny bedroom? That’s when we need to get artistic with functionality, storage and design.

Luckily, designers are problem-solvers – and kitchens that seem too tiny are my personal forte. Here are 5 useful blueprint and pattern tips that can make even a smallest kitchen both organic and flawless.

1. Carefully cruise work surfaces. When selecting a new blueprint for your space, safeguard that work surfaces can offer several functions. An island cupboard with an suspended countertop is a multifunctional approach to supplement an eating, cooking and prep area to a tiny space. Choosing small, backless island stools like a ones in a print creates a some-more open feel. Also, cruise looking for pieces that mix in with a island tone so a room feels some-more unified.

2. Open your space’s walls. Removing walls is one of a best ways to assistance emanate an open judgment though adding block footage. It allows for easier interesting and promotes amicable communication between rooms. Just remember to brand a load-bearing walls before introducing them to a hammer.

3. Consider a built-in table. If a dining-height list is desired, try building a list into a island. Having a tabletop trustworthy to a island allows for both equipment to be benefaction in a tiny space, while providing another workspace. Bench seating can container some-more people into a space and – in a splash – becomes another work surface.

4. Rethink a pantry. Wide and shoal cupboard areas can be severe to organize. Adding rollout trays or conceptualizing opposite space into a area can yield much-needed work surfaces for those frequently used appliances. No need to transport them behind into a closet or cupboard when you’re finished with them – usually tighten a door, and all is hidden. This is also an event to repurpose a stable or other seat piece, that adds another dimension to a tiny kitchen.

5. Study blurb shelving. If we need some-more opposite space and storage, though a bill isn’t utterly there yet, cruise blurb shelving. It’s simply accessible during home alleviation and organizer stores, and simply customizable to your space needs. This multipurpose shelving adds a hold of industrial character and limit storage, and provides a place for a almighty crater of joe. The country timber or butcher-block tip also gives we another portion and work area.

A tiny kitchen doesn’t meant we have to scapegoat carrying a stylish, pleasing and optimally configured kitchen. It means usually that we have to be a small some-more artistic to grasp that illusory organic space.

Jake Spurgeon is a engineer with St. Louis remodeling and pattern organisation Mosby Building Arts. He is a approved Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer with a National Kitchen Bath Association (NKBA) and is treasurer for a NKBA’s Missouri/Southern Illinois chapter.


Jake Spurgeon

Jake Spurgeon

Photo by Jennifer Mannion of Mosby Building Arts

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