Flamin’ El Camino among Bangor automobile uncover entries

August 6, 2015 - storage organizer

When Tony Ciano finished a final path of his eight-year racing career, he was pushing a 1986 Chevy El Camino. Fast brazen a few years and a West Salem proprietor is still pushing an El Camino, though during a lot slower speeds.

“I’ve always had a thing for El Caminos,” he said.

Ciano will move his rarely mutated 1960 El Camino to this year’s Bangor Lions Club Fun Daze automobile show.

Fun Daze is Aug. 7-9 during Veterans Memorial Park in Bangor, and a automobile uncover will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday after a parade.

It will symbol a third automobile uncover in usually a week for Ciano and his wife, Mary Teclaw, and it will be one of 15 to 20 automobile shows they attend this year.

“I could go to more,” Ciano said. “I could be flattering bustling if we wanted to be.”

After vacating Sunday’s Symco Shakedown, a rockabilly Mecca in Symco, Wis., a span will expected dump off their tandem 1960 Winnebago camping trailer during storage and move their custom-painted immature prohibited rod to Fun Daze.

It’s a peculiarity of a Fun Daze automobile uncover that keeps them entrance behind year after year.

“We like a Bangor uncover so we make it a indicate to stop on a approach behind from Symco,” Teclaw said.

Ciano purchased a El Camino 8 years ago. He repainted it to a light immature from a painted-over gray it was. He took out a batch engine and put in a 350 cubic in. mill, afterwards lowered it about 6 inches all a approach around, that Ciano says is a normal 1950s lowering.

What competence be many considerable about a supply is a empty flame-thrower modification.

Ciano combined four-foot empty extensions and flame-thrower capability this spring. He pronounced a extensions are required usually to save a paint and some others don’t use them.

When engaged, a glow thrower shoots a ropey tide of glow a dozen or some-more feet from a finish of a empty extension.

“The abandon are flattering insane,” he said.

Ciano and Teclaw have driven their “Elky” from northern Wisconsin, to Kansas, to Chicago to Michigan. “We’ve been pushing a wheels off a thing,” Ciano said. “It takes some abuse.”

His other gourmet car, a 1957 Chevy 210, doesn’t see scarcely as many shows as a El Camino.

“That’s a sunny-day car,” Ciano said.

The camper was combined about a year ago and has been a replacement plan inside and out. It was in severe figure when they bought it.

Water repairs and holes in a extraneous steel were repaired, all a approach down to a finish rewiring. It became a sum revive and was repainted inside and out. Modern features, like a USB opening and a dark solar row also were added.

While Tony and his father do a replacement work on a vehicles and a camper, Teclaw also is involved. “My purpose has been in a interior decorating and sewing,” Teclaw said. “I finished a curtains, helped to paint and will redeem a cushions and make a coordinating coverlet for a bed this winter.”

The dual pronounced they haven’t dynamic if they will move a camper to Fun Daze on Sunday.

Although a uncover doesn’t central get underneath approach until after a parade, many of a cars uncover adult during 9 a.m. when registration starts.

Organizer Ben Allen pronounced he now has 40 preregistered entrants, though many enter on a day of a event.

This is Allen’s 13th year organizing a automobile show, a charge that he takes on wholly by himself.

“It’s a lot of work, though it’s value it,” Allen said. “I’m a automobile enthusiast.”

Allen doesn’t do any judging of a vehicles. It’s all finished by renouned vote. Each chairman who attends a uncover gets a ballot. The altogether leader gets a People’s Choice award. The 19 other top vote-getters accept trophies as well.

He’s had as many as 110 cars and final year’s uncover drew 1,100 visitors.

Allen brings one of his dozen or so classical cars any year, nonetheless a open can’t opinion for them. This year he’s bringing his 1947 Chevy.

Like any automobile show, it all depends on a weather, and sleet keeps a cars during home in their garages.

Allen pronounced he’s usually had one rained-out uncover in a past 12, so “knock on wood,” he said.

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