Fracking not as bad as we fear, experts say

September 24, 2014 - storage organizer

Don’t worry, fracking won’t mistreat you.

That was a underlying summary from a six-expert information eventuality about a argumentative oil drilling technique Tuesday night during Cal State Fullerton.

Don’t worry, fracking doesn’t occur many in North Orange County, and a chemicals aren’t unequivocally dangerous, panelists said.

Don’t worry, groundwater is distant some-more expected to be infested by other sources and a contingency that a 5.1-magnitude La Habra trembler in Mar was compared to fracking are slim, presenters added.

Cal State Fullerton, that saved a event, wanted an only meeting, and organizer and judge David Bowman deserted some panelists suggested by anti-fracking activists. That led to a row done of supervision officials, Fullerton scientists, a consultant and an attention deputy – a row that anti-fracking activists labeled as unbalanced.

The groundswell of antithesis to fracking that has arisen in North Orange County in new months was clear Tuesday, with scarcely 500 people in a audience, many wearing shirts observant “Stop Fracking Brea” and other slogans.

Don’t worry, panelists said, given many of a fracking happens elsewhere. Only 2,200 wells have been fracked in California and some-more than 98 percent of good stimulation, including fracking, has been in Kern County.

And a probability that fracking leads to earthquakes? Unlikely. Though increasing seismic activity in Oklahoma has been compared with wastewater injection – when fracking wastewater is pumped into a belligerent – California is different. There is a lot of credentials seismic activity here – a magnitude-3.0 trembler each 3 days – and reduction H2O is pumped underground.

The justification is meagre that a 5.1-magnitude La Habra trembler was compared to fracking, according to United States Geological Survey investigate geophysicist Robert Graves, a panelist. The nearest wastewater injection good is about 4 miles easterly of a fault.

For those endangered about groundwater contamination, there are many some-more dangerous sources. Fracking happens low underground, distant from shallower aquifers. The genuine threats are subterraneous storage tanks, that mostly lay only next a aspect of a earth and directly in a aquifer, according to Mark Zeko, principal hydrologist during Environmental Engineering and Contracting, an environmental consulting firm.

The Environmental Protection Agency has documented only one box of fracking contaminating groundwater, Zeko said. That decay was in 1982. There have been some-more than 10,000 cases of leaking subterraneous storage tanks in Orange and Los Angeles counties alone, he added.

“We don’t indispensably need to stop fracking since of an collision here or there, we only need to forestall it,” Zeko said.

Besides, a chemicals aren’t even that dangerous. It’s a same things people use around a residence all a time, pronounced Steve Bohlen, a oil and gas administrator during a state’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources, that oversees fracking in California.

By volume, some-more than 98 percent of what is injected down a fracking good is H2O and sand, so a chemicals are diluted, he added.

“Their thoroughness might indeed be reduction than what we use around a home,” Bohlen said.

And even if groundwater in North Orange County became contaminated, it wouldn’t matter many anyway: residents’ H2O is mostly alien from elsewhere.

Only a smattering of groundwater wells indeed siphon H2O from North Orange County, cities like Yorba Linda, Brea and Fullerton. The immeasurable infancy of H2O comes from alien sources.

And a contingency of decay from fracking fluids swelling upward? With gravity, that’s rarely unlikely, pronounced Richard Laton, a highbrow of hydrology during Cal State Fullerton.

“Most of a decay we understanding with comes from a aspect down,” Laton said.

“The decay of a H2O basins was one of my biggest concerns,” Virgil Talbott of Fullerton said, adding that a assembly helped lessen his fears.

The platitudes did small to lessen a worries of other activists, who felt a row was out of hold with how fracking affects unchanging people.

“It’s unequivocally lacking a tellurian viewpoint of a communities that have faced this form of practice,” pronounced Alex Nagy, an anti-fracking organizer with Food and Water Watch.

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