From Dirty Coal to Solar Farm, One of New England’s Worst Polluters Makes a Switch

November 1, 2016 - storage organizer

One of a misfortune polluters in New England, a Mount Tom Power Station in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is making a switch from spark to solar. The plant’s owner, Paris-based Engie, shuttered a coal-powered generating plant in 2014 and pennyless belligerent this month on a 5.76-megawatt solar array—enough to appetite 1,000 homes.

Aerial perspective of Mount Tom coal-fired appetite station. MassLive

The Mount Tom spark station, that went online in 1960, was compared with perennially bad atmosphere peculiarity in a Holyoke area north of Springfield. The grassroots New England group, Toxics Action Center, had been organizing to shiver a aging plant and operative with internal residents to plan for redevelopment of a site.

“This feat came after some-more than 5 decades spent inhaling slag and struggling to breathe, and some-more than 5 years of organizing to retire and repurpose a Mount Tom spark plant,” Claire B.W. Miller, lead village organizer for a Toxics Action Center, told Rhode Island-based EcoRI News.

Engie is a $76 billion tellurian appetite association with 155,000 employees, headed by Isabelle Kocher. In an interview with Le Parisien, she said, “Renewables are revolutionizing a appetite industry. we trust that solar appetite quite will renovate a world. Not usually is it accessible in total quantities, though it is increasingly apropos economically—and therefore financially—profitable to beget and use.”

The solar designation in Massachusetts will cover 22 acres with 17,000 solar panels. It will sell appetite to Holyoke Gas Electric, that serves 18,000 customers.

“Massachusetts continues to be a inhabitant personality in solar installations as we build a purify appetite destiny that reduces costs to ratepayers,” Department of Energy Resources Commissioner Judith Judson said.

The state recently set an desirous energy storage aim amounting to 600 megawatts or 5 percent of rise load. Energy storage creates system-wide cost assets and improved integrates renewable appetite era sources. Massachusetts, California and Oregon are a only states building appetite storage plans.

The Mount Tom Power Station isn’t a initial coal-fired appetite plant to be converted to a solar farm. A corner try of Sun Edison Canadian Construction and a Six Nations of a Grand River Development Corporation are constructing a 44-megawatt solar plantation on a shores of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada, inside a former home of one of a largest coal-fired appetite plants in North American.

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