Fstoppers Reviews HEX DSLR Sling and DSLR Backpack Camera Bags

December 2, 2015 - storage organizer


The behind of a bag is where we entrance your camera gear. It has removable and configurable partitions so we can set adult according to your gear, and it is unequivocally spacious. we know it’s cliché, though this bag can unequivocally fit a lot of gear! we packaged dual Nikon D750s, 3 lenses, a Nikon SB910 Speedlight, and many some-more into a bag, and it was still gentle to carry. The zippered tag that covers a rigging has dual filigree zipper pouches, and one velcro pouch ideal for skinny harddrives and batteries. 

The shoulder straps are adjustable, and both a straps and back have a EVA froth core and filigree for breathability. Because of a figure and size, this sold bag feels a small too large for me privately (I’m 5’3, not short… transport sized!), though we consider that many normal sized humans would find it utterly comfortable. After time, we consider a straps would also form improved to your shoulders. There is also a buckle to go opposite your chest for additional support. We all know those 70-200mm lenses ain’t light! 

The DSLR Sling 

The DSLR Sling is a bag that we can take with we on discerning shoots. It has a discerning recover bend on a over-the-shoulder tag for easy entrance to your gear. Like a Backpack, it has EVA froth core and mesh, and this bag was a small bit some-more gentle for me to carry. It also would be a bag we would select over a two, only for a morality of rigging we customarily transport with. 

Under a front tag is a many smaller slot with an organizer. There is also a place for business cards as well. While there isn’t scarcely as many room for things in a front slot as a backpack, it is large adequate to fit Haribo gummies, so it’s only a right distance in my opinion! There is also a seperate zippered slot on a front, padded and lined in mistake fur for tablets or phones. 

Personally we consider it’s a small easier to entrance rigging fast with a Sling. You can fit a flattering good volume of gear, and they also yield we with these cushy blocks called “HEX Blox modular configurable storage spacers,” if your camera has a smaller lens for additional reserve and support. There is also a slot that could fit a 13in laptop, or an iPad. 

Overall my thoughts are, if you’re tallness challenged like me, go with a Sling. It feels some-more gentle and fits my character of sharpened more. we took these bags on some shoots in a park, and a Sling was super discerning and easy to entrance my camera; we didn’t even have to take it off my back! The side slot affords we to keep relocating and squeeze your camera for those coax of a impulse shots. When we was changing lenses, sitting on a dais it was unequivocally easy to only unbuckle a bag, and tag it right behind on. 

If we have a lot of rigging we have to transport with (or you’re a normal sized human), go with a Backpack. You can fit a substantial amount of gear in a backpack, and it also feels a small some-more “secure” (meaning, this would be a bag we would transport with). Because we have to take a trek off to entrance a storage compartment, we won’t have to worry about people perplexing to unzip your bag and take something. we would be unequivocally dissapoint if someone stole my Haribos…  The trek would also be some-more gentle for those who travel to get their shots, and still wish to demeanour select doing so.

Compared to other bags, we unequivocally won’t find a improved deal. The prices are unequivocally good for these peculiarity bags staying rival during $199.95 for a Backpack and $149.95 for a Sling. I unequivocally adore a demeanour and feel of these bags, and would suggest them for a select photographer. We all know that it customarily comes down to picking a bag that is stylish, or a bag that is functional, though with a HEX DSLR Camera bags, it’s a best of both worlds! You can watch these videos to see a HEX DSLR Backpack and HEX DSLR Sling in action. Happy Shooting!  

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