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December 19, 2014 - storage organizer

NAPLES, Fla. – Get a hold on organizing holiday decorations

Thirty years ago when my uncle changed from The City (is there another?) to a Hamptons (pre-chic) he motionless to buy a Christmas tree. Try to suppose a unequivocally flamboyant, shrill and (I apologize) intolerable Manhattanite, walking into a Walmart for a initial time; indicating to a tree arrangement and revelation a clerk, “I wish that one.”

He literally left a store with a arrangement — a pre-lit synthetic Christmas tree, finish with all a ornaments — that he would specially squeeze into a gymnasium closet a day after Christmas. Years later, after he died, a same unkempt tree, with a array of damaged limbs and routine ornaments, sole in an estate sale for 5 dollars.

Obviously, being a veteran organizer, we don’t advise organizing and storing your holiday ornaments (Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Passover, Thanksgiving and Halloween, to name a few) in a same dispassionate — drifting — demeanour as my uncle did.

The doubt remains; how do we keep lane and classify your decorations? First off, a time to “get organized” is when we take a decorations down — not when you’re putting a tree up! This way, you’re not regulating around like a crazy chairman acid for a fibre of mini white lights during final notation given a ones we put divided a year ago don’t work.

To make a “task” of environment adult and (shudder a thought) dismantling your holiday decorations reduction of a duty and some-more fun, here’s a list of suggestions:

Shelving: Rather than stacking boxes atop of another, deposit in heavy-duty handle shelving. Depending on a breadth of a shelves and distance of a containers, we should fit adult to 3 containers on any shelf. For additional support, prop a shelves to a wall studs. Check out Room Essentials handle shelving during

Clear containers: Buy ONLY transparent containers with tightfitting snap-tight lids. we cite those with interlocking lids and integrated handles. (

Ornament containers: Almost unfit to find “offseason,” attire boxes are a contingency for storing and safeguarding your many changed ornaments. Given a choice between a stackable and non-stackable boxes, go with a non-stackable kind given a cosmetic snap closures on a stackable systems can mangle off. Check out a Christmas attire storage enclosure during, that includes particular dividers for 75 turn ornaments.

Accessibility and comfort: When putting things away, try not to overkill a containers, that could outcome in damaged knickknacks, and a stretched back. When putting a containers divided on a handle shelving, it’s best to put a heaviest boxes on a center shelf, so avoiding extreme lifting or bending.

Label maker: The No. 1 organizing apparatus we will ever need. Label any singular enclosure clearly in a largest rise possible. (

Photo books: Take photos of what’s inside any storage container, including any quarrel of ornaments in a attire boxes (see photo). Then, after putting all divided where it belongs, take a few photos of a final arrangement. The beauty of regulating an tangible print manuscript is that we can reinstate a aged photos with new ones when we change things around.

Upright jacket paper containers: These are tough to find offseason, so when we see them, squeeze one. we also advise classification by and “editing” your collection of jacket papers, ribbons and present bags during slightest twice a year; recycling any paper “scraps” too tiny to use and donating any present bags and ribbons that are not suitable for regifting. (Thrift stores and charities can unequivocally use a present bags we no longer need.)

Tree skirt, stockings and holiday linens: Dry purify these right after a holiday instead of watchful until subsequent year. Dirt and stains not attended to immediately will set creation them subsequent to unfit to remove. To keep linens uninformed and mold-free, mislay equipment from cosmetic dry cleaning bags and store in a dry, cold closet.

Off-site storage: I’m not suggesting we review to regulating an off-site storage section to residence your holiday décor, though if it will save your marriage, that someone we know claims it did, go for it. Pack all in noted transparent cosmetic containers and keep an register of what you’ve taken to a storage facility.

Hint of a Day: Avoid, during all costs, a enticement to stop by your favorite “big box” store a day after Christmas to stock-up on holiday cards and jacket unless, a.) You REALLY, unequivocally need to feed a supply and b.) You know EXACTLY where we are going to store everything. Bottom line, and we mean, “bottom line;” we consider we’re saving tons income shopping cards and jacket reserve for half-off usually to learn all these good “deals” tucked distant divided in a behind of closets years later.

Naples-based veteran organizer Marla Ottenstein is a member of a National Association of Professional Organizers. Her mainstay appears on a initial and third Fridays of any month. For information: or email:

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