Getting a small snap happy? Mylio tames your sprawling camera roll

October 30, 2014 - storage organizer

It’s never been easier to fire thousands of photos in a singular year. Everyone from your mom to your next-door neighbor fancies themselves pledge photographers.

Those who grew adult with a smartphone in hand, gnawing cinema everywhere they go substantially aren’t endangered about organizing their photos. After all, they’re all on iCloud or Google+ Photos.

However, anyone who remembers carrying around a digital camera or is indeed a veteran photographer knows a pain of organizing all those photos by time, date, location, and camera. Getting all your photos to live together underneath one roof is a unpleasant process. These days, some would contend it’s impossible.

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Enter Mylio, a photo-organizing app that aims to corral all your photos into one app on all your devices. It’s been in growth for dual years by a group done adult of engineers who worked on high-speed graphics, a Xbox, and program design for Microsoft. We tested out a hearing chronicle of Mylio when it was still in beta contrast to find out how it works.

Setup is easy and a app doesn’t eat many space

The Mylio app now works on Apple devices with iOS 7 and up, Macs with OSX 10.8 and up, as good as PCs with Windows 7 or 8 installed. The hearing chronicle lets we implement a program on 3 opposite devices, so we attempted it on a iPhone 6 Plus, MacBook Air, and iPad Mini.

Once we downloaded a app on all of a devices, Mylio stirred us to emanate an comment regulating an email residence and a password. Since we set it adult on a phone first, a app asked accede to entrance photos from Camera Roll and sync them on all inclination with Mylio commissioned over a selected Wi-Fi network. We concluded and certain enough, all a photos uploaded in about a notation on all a inclination simultaneously.

We had a lot of fun looking behind during cinema we’d totally lost about from 2009 to now.

The photos will usually sync if all a inclination are on a same Wi-Fi network, though. In further to importing photos directly from a folders on your phone, tablet, and computer, Mylio can entrance photos from Facebook, Flickr, and Lightroom.

We alien as many Facebook cinema as we could before we strike a 1,000-picture extent imposed by a hearing chronicle of a app. Amazingly enough, when we checked on a volume of storage used by Mylio on a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus, it incited out that those 1,000 photos usually volume to 200MB of space taken up. To put that series in perspective, Facebook takes adult 243MB of space and a iOS camera app, that has some 350 cinema on it, takes adult a whopping 1.7GB. Needless to say, Mylio is a lightweight in comparison with many apps.

What’s Mylio’s secret? Well, a app usually saves a thumbnail chronicle of a print on your phone since we substantially don’t have too many space accessible on it. Meanwhile, it saves somewhat bigger preview files on tablets and a full-size originals on your computer. You can save JPEG, Raw, or video files and we don’t have to worry about regulating too many space.

Mylio Mylio Mylio Mylio Mylio

Of course, for your possess security, Mylio recommends that we keep 3 copies of a strange photos on 3 inclination in dual opposite locations – that approach we never remove a singular photo. To those of we who aren’t accurately Ansel Adams, this competence sound violent and excessive, yet a veteran photographers and zealous print takers who will many expected be peaceful to compensate a reward cost for Mylio’s services will many expected know a judgment of mixed backups.

Organize and revise your photos yet fear

Mylio automatically sorts photos chronologically, yet we can emanate your possess folders, keep a folder names we already have saved on your computer. There’s also a hunt duty to assistance we find what you’re looking for some-more easily, or we can always usually corkscrew by all your photos and suffer a ride. Mylio loads thumbnails unequivocally quickly, so we can wizz right by your cinema during absurd speeds.

The usually poignant downside to Mylio is a cost. It ain’t cheap.

We had a lot of fun looking behind during cinema we’d totally lost about from 2009 all a approach adult to a present. It was interesting to see a lives played out in a sequential tide of images.

If we unequivocally wish to get orderly though, we can supplement plcae data, tags, and arrange photos by subject. Mylio can be as structured or pointless as we like – it’s all adult to your preferences and needs. While we don’t consider a normal chairman unequivocally needs Mylio, veteran photographers and people who take thousands of photos any month will substantially get a many unsentimental use out of it.

Edits are visually practical to a design on all your devices. However, if we demeanour in a record folder, you’ll see a original, unedited design and an XMP file, that contains a revise instructions, underneath. If we open a record in Lightroom or another modifying software, a revise instructions from a XMP record will be practical to a design and we can continue creation changes.

Mylio Mylio Mylio Mylio

You can share a edited chronicle directly from Mylio to Facebook, Flickr, and email.

Where Mylio needs to go from here

Mylio’s categorical concentration with a initial launch was to emanate a good print organizer that gets all your photos in one place. It really delivers on that promise. However, Mylio could use a few UI tweaks and polishes, as good as a good slideshow feature, if it wants to clear a cost tag.

Right now, there’s usually a easy slideshow option, that won’t disturb anyone. Mylio positive us that a slideshow choice is in a works for after versions of a software, that creates clarity if Mylio is to be used for pity as good as organizing photos.


The UI can also get a tiny treacherous during times, as well. The row on a side is ideally orderly and easy to use, yet a tiny buttons sparse about on a bottom are formidable to figure out. The modifying duty is buried in one of these tiny buttons, as is a choice to share photos, and emanate folders. It would be improved if all a collection were enclosed in a sidebar.

Mylio comes during a cost … and we competence not like it unequivocally much

The usually poignant downside to Mylio is a cost. It ain’t cheap. The use is accessible for an annual subscription price that ranges from $50 to $250. The 3 tiers are directed during opposite forms of users and Mylio has no illusions about a assembly it’s targeting.

For a print enthusiast, Mylio offers a choice of syncing 50,000 JPEG files on 3 inclination for $50 a year. Meanwhile, veteran photographers can sync 100,000 JEPEG and Raw files on 5 inclination for $100 a year, or half a million JPEG and Raw files on 10 inclination for $250 a year.

As we competence have noticed, a prices aren’t inexpensive – generally in comparison with Cloud storage prices from Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. However, Mylio offers involuntary organization, a guarantee of storing genuine files on genuine devices, and a ability to revise yet fear of destroying a originals.

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After regulating Mylio, we consider that eager amateurs, veteran photographers, and tiny studios will find a use useful. The normal chairman and generally a mobile user, will be improved off with cloud storage. Luckily, Mylio has a giveaway 30-day trial, so if you’re not sure, we can exam it out yourself.

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