Gift guide: 20 must-have ideas for a visit traveler

December 13, 2015 - storage organizer

Whether we wish to name-check Jack Kerouac during etiquette or splash drink in all 50 states, you’ll find something to like on a list of 20 ride must-haves for 2016.

▪ Beer Cap Maps Country Map ($75): Cross-country drinkers can uncover off their adore of drink — and roving — with this map.

▪ Lighted Compact Mirror Charger ($27): A tiny and stylish counterpart re-powers your device while assisting we modernise your makeup.

▪ Toothpaste 2 Go ($6.99): Bring your favorite toothpaste with we on all your travels but carrying to worry about distance restrictions. The reusable, travel-size refill tube is easy to use and some-more affordable than stocking adult on bundles of travel-size toothpaste tubes.

▪ Leibal humidifier ($65): Needing usually a USB pier for power, this artistic and unstable humidifier is absolute adequate to supplement steam to any space, permitting we to breathe and nap easy all night prolonged wherever we are.

▪ Dormify’s luggage tag ($18): Travel in character with a cheeky, retro-inspired luggage tag.

▪ Stretch Laces ($9.99): It gets overpowering stealing and retying your boots over and over again for airfield confidence lines. These pliant laces concede we to spin your sneakers into available slip-ons.

▪ Bra Case from Jacky’s Collection ($35): Fine slip and overstuffed suitcases don’t mix. This protecting case, that binds 6 bras and comes in a accumulation of styles, keeps yours from circuitous adult squashed prosaic during a bottom of your carry-on.

▪ Classic Penguin Book Passport Cover, “On a Road” ($14): “Nothing behind me, all forward of me, as is ever so on a road.” The ideal pass cover for a modern-day beatnik.

▪ Scrubba Wash Bag ($99): No one likes re-wearing filthy, sweaty, stinky garments while traveling. Scrubba’s bag is a pocketsized, lightweight device that allows we to rinse your garments anywhere, anytime for free. A good go-to for backpacking, camping and other outside adventures. Also, a apportionment of a deduction go toward providing clean, protected celebration H2O to people in need.

▪ Flight 001’s Carry-on Quart Bag ($10): The pure bag is an easy and stylish approach to ride your carry-on liquids.

▪ GRID-IT Organizer ($11.99-$49.99): Keep your gadgets orderly and secure with this organizer. The durable effervescent bands yield lots of pattern options for your gizmos.

▪ NomadClip ($39.95): Charge your smartphone or inscription on a go with this high-tech, sturdily built clip, that doubles as a carabiner.

▪ The Lay-n-Go activity pad ($24.95-$64.95): The washable pad provides a place for kids to play with their toys. It cinches into a storage bag in seconds, providing an easy resolution to cleaning adult and storing toys with lots of tiny pieces.

▪ Flower Designs Coloring Book ($9.99): Need a small art therapy in between flights? Find your coloring zen with design from illustrator Jenean Morrison.

▪ Mark and Graham’s Travel Jewelry Case ($59): This neat box has mixed layers to safely store your earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other wealth in transit. Added bonus: The box can be monogrammed and gift-wrapped for free.

▪ Infinity Pillow from Huzi Design ($59): The versatile, strip-like sham can be twisted, wrapped and squished into opposite resting positions — ideal for anticipating a many gentle position on a everlasting flight.

▪ WP Design’s Cocktail Kit ($24): This pint-sized carry-on is a good stocking stuffer for a ride enthusiast. The Gin Tonic blending pack includes a recipe card, bar spoon, half-ounce jigger, linen coaster and a qualification tonic syrup.

▪ Swept Away by Wanderlust ride biography ($34.99): A organic and select biography includes fun and quirky prompts that inspire we to write about and constraint your special memories before they are forgotten.

▪ Alife Travel Jacket Gripper ($37.65): Instantly giveaway adult your hands with this lightweight, tractable tag that simply grips to a hoop of your receptacle bag, purse or carry-on and keeps your unworn cloak secure.

▪ Prynt smartphone case ($139): This phone box now prints out photos — Polaroid character — but regulating any ink. The box comes with 10 sheets of paper and a micro-USB charging cable.

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