Google decides to retire Picasa, after Photos reaches 100 million users

February 14, 2016 - storage organizer

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has announced that it will close down a picture organizer and viewer, Picasa.

The association wants to totally concentration on Google Photos, a use that is already used by some-more than a hundred million users worldwide.

The association led by Sundar Pichai pronounced that a new design is to offer some-more functionality to users, with mobile and desktop platforms of one singular product. That being said, new facilities will be combined to Google Photos, in sequence to make a transition easier for users who have invested time organizing their photos and videos.

Image: Geeky Gadgets

Image: Geeky Gadgets

Picasa Web Albums can be accessed from Google Photo, where users are means to cgange and share calm only by logging into their Google account. Moreover, a tech hulk is going to emanate a database with all Picasa Web Albums, so users will be means to perspective their essence even when they won’t have a choice to emanate a new album.

The new changes are going to take place during a initial dual weeks of March. Google remarked that a Picasa desktop focus will not be upheld anymore and it will not accept new updates. However, it will still work for users who have already commissioned it. Google Photos has also a desktop uploader that can be used as an choice to Picasa.

“We apologize for any nuisance this transition causes, though we wish to assure we that we are doing this with a aim of providing a best photos knowledge possible,” wrote Anil Sabharwal, Head of Google Photos, in a blog post on Friday.

Sabharwal combined that Google Photos is a new and smarter product, that aims to offer a larger knowledge for users. Since a use was launched in Mar 2015, it has safeguarded a photographs of some-more than 100 million monthly active users.

According to a Google contribution sheet, besides people, food is what users sketch a most. When articulate about large moments, weddings, concerts, Christmas and birthdays are a many photographed events, respectively. Dogs, cars, Paris, New York City are also among a many photographed things, pronounced a company.

The success of Google Photos has been huge, given it can save total cinema of adult to 16 megapixels, for free. The use compresses and resizes photos with a same complement that a aged Google+ Photo use used, that is unequivocally good as it maintains high-quality standards.

It appears that tech companies are really meddlesome in progressing an determined bottom of users who like to upload their cinema to a cloud. Last year, Amazon Inc. presented total print storage for Amazon Prime users. On a other hand, Apple expelled a Photos app for MAC OS X, that can be sync with all Apple devices, though during a cost of $0.99 per month for 20 GB of storage.

“Every second of each day, people around a universe are capturing their memories by photos and videos. Humankind has already taken trillions of photos and will take another trillion this year alone” wrote Google in a statement, final year.

Source: Google Blog Post

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