Heidelberg artist: Losing Midtown gallery won’t delayed him

March 26, 2017 - storage organizer





Detroit artist Tyree Guyton talks about changes during a Heideberg Project on Heidelberg Street in Detroit, a 30 year open art designation visited by people from all over a world.

During 3 decades of creation his travel art in Detroit, Tyree Guyton survived city officials promulgation out bulldozers, critics job his art garbage, daunting financial hurdles and even a unreasonable of arson fires during his Heidelberg Project on a easterly side.

Now he’s losing the Midtown building on Watson circuitously Woodward that has housed his gallery for roughly 9 years. But that won’t slow him down, he says.

“I’m excited. we adore a good challenge,” Guyton said with a grin Saturday. “Just like we adore a good chess game.”