Here’s a Brilliantly Simple Way to Organize a Food Container Lids Taking Over Your Cabinets

July 13, 2018 - storage organizer

You expected have spots in your kitchen for pots, glasses, and plates, though when it comes to food containers, classification gets complicated. Maybe we let them boyant lax in a hulk bin, or tuck them into any giveaway dilemma we can find in your cabinets. Either way, anticipating a relating lid for your bottom half might take longer than it should when it finally comes time to store your leftovers.

Luckily, there’s a improved way. This elementary organizer speckled by Food Wine keeps storage lids distant by size, saving we mins differently spent ripping detached your kitchen.

The Linus Lid Organizer has 3 compartments: one for adult to 12 vast lids, and dual for adult to 13 tiny lids each. The lightweight cosmetic object covers an area of 11 inches by 7.5 inches, that means it can fit in your cabinets, on your counter, or on tip of your fridge but holding adult too most space. And during only $15, it’s value a price—especially if we finish adult shopping a new set of storage containers each year when we displace one too many lids.

Container for storage lids.

You can squeeze a Linus Lid Organizer online from a Container Store. For some-more kitchen classification hacks, check out a list of ways to keep a space underneath your penetrate neat and tidy.

[h/t Food Wine]

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