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January 9, 2018 - storage organizer

A builder of home classification products in a segment has introduced a new product to assistance shoe and foot collectors keep their wardrobes tidy.

ORG Home, a code of Holland-based The Stow Company, pronounced final month it expelled a product called Shoe Shrine, a shoe organizer designed to maximize straight storage space, urge prominence of boots and adjust simply to fit any form of shoe or boot.

“The normal lady owns over 25 pairs of shoes, trimming from flats, jaunty shoes, heels and high boots, all varying in character from infrequent to formal,” pronounced Terra Kunish, code director, The Stow Company.

“Although she might adore her shoes, they can also be a pain indicate when they are all over a place and not well-organized.”

With a open design, ORG Home pronounced a Shoe Shrine “provides prominence to each span of boots in one unit, assisting consumers store, browse, squeeze and go.”

The Shoe Shrine shelves adjust to fit for users to classify by style, deteriorate or family member, as good as to re-arrange, reinstate or supplement to a collection.

The shelves have a “slim form shelf design” that leaves room between shelves to maximize storage. The shelves pierce adult or down but tools, so people can tailor particular spaces to fit a far-reaching operation of shoe heights — from flats to high boots.

For those who wish to classify their whole wardrobe, a Shoe Shrine integrates into an ORG Home tradition closet. Homeowners can select a singular shoe organizer tower, supplement mixed towers or emanate a full shoe wall.

Each shoe organizer building is comprised of 14-inch-deep straight panels, accessible in 19 colors, and a choice of powder-coated steel or textured compress laminate shelves.

The steel shelves embody 4 tone options: White Wisp, Modern Grey, Taupe or Midnight. The textured compress laminate shelves come in White Pine with a linear pellet or Beige Linen with a woven pattern.

The Shoe Shrine is accessible by certified ORG Home dealers.

ORG Home

Manufactured in Holland by The Stow Company, ORG Home offers tradition closet organizers, Murphy beds, garage cabinets, cupboard storage systems, bureau organizing systems, washing storage, qualification room organization, media centers, mudroom storage and more.

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