How Kitchen Downsizing Can Help Simplify Your Life

May 19, 2017 - storage organizer

How Kitchen Downsizing Can Help Simplify Your Life

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1. Think easy

Since downsizing is all about creation life easier, use that core thought as movement for decision-making. Ask yourself how we can do what we adore though in a stress-free way.

  • Remember that one approach to prepare something is all we need when paring down your kitchen appliances. You can prepare a hotdog in a microwave, brownish-red it in a skillet, boil it in a pot or chuck it on a grill. Do we unequivocally need a hotdog cooker?
  • Always ask yourself, “If we don’t have this, what could we use instead?”
  • Look for a easiest option—even if it means switching to a new method. For example, downsizing to home with a smaller yard doesn’t meant we have to give adult grilling. Instead, switch to a smaller electric griddle that fits in your outdoor space and fires adult fast and easily.
  • Keep appliances that save time, such as a delayed cooker or present pot, and that concede we to get out of a kitchen. Don’t pierce tiny appliances that are spasmodic used and seem like too most bid to transport out, like a salad spinner or food processor.
  • Reduce quantities. For instance – how many 9×13 casseroles can we suppose baking in one day? Perhaps dual would be enough.


2. Embrace interesting differently

Much of a storage space in a home tends to be clinging to entertaining. There are china cabinets or kitchens full of dishes, trays, eyeglasses and barware for a occasional party.

While downsizing positively doesn’t meant we have to stop entertaining, it does meant that you’ll expected make changes in how we entertain. You competence horde some-more dinners for 4 or 6 guest instead of 12. You competence not have a grave dining room, though we can still find ways to offer a fun and gratifying meal.

Why not horde a backyard griddle and glow adult a grill? You can still griddle adult favorites and offer them in a some-more loose atmosphere. If a continue isn’t cooperative—or we don’t have a backyard space—you could opt for a some-more infrequent buffet-style dish instead.

Consider how your interesting character will change and use that information to assistance we confirm what to move to your new home.

  • How many guest do we design carrying over for a meal? Maybe we usually need to keep a place environment of 6 of your china. You could present a remaining pieces to a grandchild or pass them along to a relations or crony who’s usually starting out.
  • Do we devise to horde vast holiday meals, or do we design to go to family members’ homes some-more mostly for these events? Perhaps it’s time to let go of vast portion equipment like vast platters or punchbowl sets.
  • Reduce your supply of celebration glasses, coffee mugs and barware by deliberation a distance of your new place and a series of guest we can accommodate. Would we ever have 24 people over for coffee? If a answer is no, afterwards we don’t need 24 mugs. Eight or so should suffice.
  • Remember there are no manners to break, so we can—and should—break adult sets of your bland dishes. Keep as many pieces as we need and sell or present a rest.
  • Don’t forget to arrange linens in a same way. Only keep tablecloths that will fit a list during your new space. The same goes for cloths, placemats and napkins. Keep adequate usually for a series of people we can seat.


3. Reconfigure storage

Just since we kept something in one mark in your aged home doesn’t meant we need to replicate that arrangement in a new one. Be open to locating equipment in opposite spots in your new kitchen.

  • If we use an apparatus or apparatus daily, keep it tighten during hand. If it’s something we use usually occasionally, such as a hand-held mixer, it’s best to store it out of a way.
  • Add baskets or pullout drawers to reduce cabinets so no one has to get on a building to hunt for things.
  • Use cupboard stackers or organizers to maximize storage space.
  • Make use of a inside of cupboard doors or cupboard doors with organizers to reason several products such as cosmetic hang or stick-on hooks for potholders.
  • Keep a countertops as transparent as probable to maximize operative aspect in your smaller kitchen. Only keep out what we use daily, such as a coffeemaker.

Downsizing unequivocally can be fun. It’s all about less—and more. It means fewer things to clean, reduction things to put away, reduction to worry about and some-more time to suffer friends, family and activities.


Lea Schneider is a pro organizer who writes for The Home Depot. She provides recommendation on a easiest approach to downsize a kitchen by pity unsentimental tips on topics such as switching from colourless griddle to an electric grill to have some-more portability and pairing down your dishes and linens to fit your new space.


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