How Michele Vig Went from a Caribou Coffee Exec to a Marie Kondo-Approved Home Organizer

October 25, 2017 - storage organizer

Michele Vig with Marie Kondo

by Jahna Peloquin (image pleasantness Michele Vig)

Michele Vig’s career trail couldn’t have began many serve from a home and pattern space. A successful executive during Caribou Coffee for years, Vig was a rising star in a corporate selling industry, even garnering a desired mark on Ad Age’s 40 underneath 40 list in 2013. But reading a right book during a right time propelled Vig into an wholly new direction—and to start a second career as a home classification guru.

Earlier this year, she picked adult a duplicate of The New York Times bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by famed Japanese organizational guru, Marie Kondo—and had her lightbulb moment. She motionless to make a burst and move her classification and pattern talents to a new industry.

For all her life, Vig had a passion for formulating beautifully orderly spaces, and frequently helped friends and family with cleaning and reorder projects. Vig’s early veteran career enclosed sell selling and pattern work—experience that authorised her to file her talent for arranging spaces to be both organic and visually appealing.

A few “intense months” later, Vig became one of usually 47 people in a universe (and a usually one in Minnesota) to be authorized by Kondo and her law KonMari Method™ of decluttering and launched her possess business, Neat Little Nest, a decluttering and home classification service. Prices start during $500 for one five-hour in-home session. (Given a far-reaching series of variables in a home classification project, it’s formidable to guess accurately how many sessions are needed.)

I spoke with Vig about her career change, how she utilizes her decades of knowledge in a corporate universe within her new business, and what make a KonMari Method™ singular from other organizational systems.

How did we initial turn meddlesome in home organization?

I’ve been meddlesome in home classification as prolonged as we can remember, though my passion for formulating artfully designed spaces that are as organic as they are pleasing was fostered once vital on my own. It was my dream, many like that of my clients, to have a beautifully designed home. And to me, that meant a spaces behind my closet and sideboard doors deserved to be as poetic as a rest of my home.

What creates we vehement about home organization?

What energizes me many about home classification is operative with my clients to emanate organic organizational systems that assistance their lives run smoother, while profitable courtesy to a pattern sum of a storage resolution bringing beauty to startling spaces.

When did we initial review The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and how did it change your progressing home classification methods?

I initial review The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up late in 2014. The biggest change a book had on how we orderly was Kondo’s concentration on decluttering by difficulty rather than by location. After we review it, it was apparent to me decluttering by difficulty was a many improved approach and that I’d wished we suspicion of it sooner.

What does Marie Kondo’s technique move that’s unique?

What we trust is singular about a KonMari Method™ is a concentration on gripping equipment that move we joy, rather than simply removing absolved of things for other reasons. And that it brings permanent success since it allows we to find a place for all we wish to keep.   

How does your corporate career in selling and pattern change your new business?

For a final dual decades, my corporate career focused on building brands and sell environments for some of Minnesota’s many dear brands. Building sell brands, and a in-store patron use that emanate those brands, relies heavily on a penetrating eye for pattern and profitable courtesy to a smallest details. Those elements have shabby my business greatly. What creates Neat Little Nest mount detached from other classification companies is a multiple of a KonMari Method™ with artfully designed storage spaces.

How does one go about removing KonMari-certified?

To turn authorized in a KonMari Method™, we went by a severe process. First, we was supposed to attend an in-person seminar by submitting photos of my home storage areas—kitchen, dining, linens, etc.—and share since we was meddlesome in apropos certified. Once accepted, we attended a three-day training where we schooled any step of a KonMari process. After that, we conducted some-more than 50 hours of in-home tidying use sessions reviewed and authorized by Kondo’s group to safeguard bargain of a process. The final step was a written, essay-style exam. Once we upheld a exam, we became authorised for certification.

What is a routine we go by when operative with clients on home organization?

Using a KonMari Method™ as a guide, we initial concentration on decluttering a home one difficulty during a time starting with clothes, followed by books and papers, afterwards kitchen ware and food, afterwards diverse equipment and finally nauseating equipment like photos and letters. All equipment from a selected difficulty are collected adult from around a residence and put into a pile. Then, a customer touches any object one by one and decides if a object sparks joy. If it does, we keep it. If it doesn’t, we appreciate it for a use and put a equipment into opposite drop piles—sell, present or trash. Once we’ve finished decluttering, we pattern pleasing storage systems and we place those into a home to classify all my customer has selected to keep. The routine helps them stay orderly and neat long-term.

What are some decluttering techniques that we learn your clients?

My 3 favorite decluttering techniques we learn my clients are: decluttering by category, honing their fun radar and training a KonMari Method™ of folding clothes. Since many people have schooled to declutter by room, we adore training them a significance of decluttering by difficulty and to watch them as they learn a transformational effect—it’s unequivocally startling when we see each singular book or essay of wardrobe we possess in one raise in one place. we adore assisting my clients by this routine since it puts a energy of what they keep in their hearts rather than their minds. Honestly, your heart will tell we what we should do. Finally, training my clients a KonMari process of folding is something that has an present outcome on a space. A light tuber goes off for my clients realizing there is a improved approach to overlay clothes—and it’s indeed some-more fun.  Even a whole family gets into folding things properly.

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