How Much Can You Stow in a 2014 Chevy Impala’s Cubbies?

September 18, 2014 - storage organizer


The 2014 Chevrolet Impala’s 18.8 cubic feet of case space is officious vast for a sedan, though it’s not a usually considerable storage attainment inside a long-term exam car. The front seats are a compulsive organizer’s dream with value trove of vast and tiny storage spaces within easy reach. There’s a dark storage cell behind a retractable touch-screen, twin powerful holders and countless other ways to store cellphones, wallets, song players and more.

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There are so many cubbies that we wanted to see only how many things can seamlessly fit in a Impala’s vast collection of storage areas.


1. The Impala’s powerful hilt is a good hold that’s offering in both of a Impala’s front doorway pockets. It’s low adequate for a tiny umbrella, and it stays out of a approach of a bottleholders. The Impala ain’t a Rolls-Royce, so you’ll have to mislay a powerful manually.



2. Awkwardly sized, a pull-down cubby to a left of a steering circle is a cell we keep forgetful about and afterwards finding again. It’s a disreputable one — not vast adequate to fit a box of tissues though good for a wallet or cellphone.



3. The area behind a screen is befitting for sunglasses, wallets, phones and other electronic devices. The dark load mark isn’t a ideal block shape, however, as it tapers in toward a top.



4. Below a meridian controls is a lonesome storage area where a DC opening lives. This is a ideal change tray or prosaic area to store a passenger’s equipment for easy access.



5. A tiny divot directly rearward of a electronic fortitude control and exhilarated chair buttons is developed for a Impala’s keyless entrance fob or a tube of mouth balm.




6. Of all a spaces, a storage console is maybe a many disappointing. It has reduction room inside than you’d consider and houses dual USB ports and an auxiliary submit for song devices. A shoal tray, with a cutout for song player’s cord, divides a console. The console is only far-reaching adequate to fit a block box of tissues, though it doesn’t have a volume to fit a medium-size handbag.



7. Lastly, a glove box, that isn’t anything out of a typical and is mostly filled with a girth of a owner’s manuals for both a automobile and multimedia system. photos by Evan Sears

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