How to Build a Stylish Octagonal Firewood Rack

September 23, 2016 - storage organizer

After you’ve done your outdoor glow pit, it’s time to build a correct firewood storage rack. You can opt for a large firewood shed, or go with this pleasing cedar firewood shelve that works inside or out.

Mark Clement of MyFixItUpLife, built this octagon firewood organizer in a integrate hours regulating 2 x 6 cedar. The 4 outward lengths are 20-inches and a 4 shorter pieces are 12-inches. A miter saw is ideal for this project, so all cuts are done during a 22 1/2 grade angle.

Use a list saw to trim a dilemma supports with a blockade set 3/8-inch divided from a blade, that we should have beveled during 22 1/2 degrees.

Cut dual cranky members to length and implement them in a crosshair formation, with shelf attachments combined after.

For use indoors, a cedar shelve can lay directly on a belligerent and can be left untreated, though if we devise on environment it adult outward we should request a timber sealer and supplement legs so it doesn’t lay on a wet ground.

This firewood organizer is an superb approach to keep your logs adult off a belligerent and a shelves will concede a timber to dry faster and make it easier to reach.

Source: MyFixItUpLife

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