How To: Create a Walk-In Closet in 1 Hour

April 18, 2017 - storage organizer

EZ Shelf Walk-In Closet Kit


Have we dreamed about a walk-in closet with unconstrained storage possibilities for panoply and accessories? Fortunately, probably any gangling space—from an underused home bureau to a tiny bedroom sitting empty now that a kids have grown adult and left a nest—can be remade to good enclose roughly all we own, all though carrying to sinecure a pricey pro or understanding with disorderly construction. Just spin to a Walk-In Closet Organizer, a modular storage resolution from EZ Shelf. It’s a sturdy, user-friendly complement that will let we emanate a habit that wows in usually about an hour. Made of high-strength expandable steel tubing, any shelf can reason adult to 200 pounds (in usually ½” drywall) and can be installed anywhere—securing to wall studs are NOT compulsory for all that weight. Read on to learn how we can emanate a entirely organic walk-in closet space. Then, fist a few simple tools, and 7 brief stairs later, you’ll be regulating a time and income we saved to fill your closet adult with good new clothes!

– Vacuum or broom
– Tape measure
– EZ Shelf Expandable Walk-In Closet Organizer in white (also available in silver)
– Tape
– Level
– Pencil
– Power screwdriver/drill
– Hammer or mallet
EZ Shelf Expandable Shoe Rack

Step 1: Clear out and magnitude up.
Empty a room of a stream contents, classification as we go. Consolidate what you’re certain you’ll use, present anything else that’s “perfectly good” though of no use to you, and toss a rest. Vacuum or brush a space well. Once you’ve got a vacant slate, magnitude a room to get a clarity of a area you’ve got to work with. Available in presumably white or china to fit your style, a Walk-In Closet Kit adapts to fit a space of any distance or figure by charity 5 shelf-and-rod units that can be mounted in one of dual ways: extended between dual side walls or trustworthy to a wall around a bracket. Plus, any shelf expands from 40 inches to 73 inches—altogether, that’s roughly 30.5 feet for storing boxes or unresolved garments—and we can fist a shelves into a slight space or fill a prolonged wall.

Step 2: Find your flow.
Plan a chain of a essence of your closet in a approach that will best fit your needs and lifestyle. Group all like equipment together: shirts with shirts, pants with pants, and so on. Chances are there are certain go-to equipment we wear or use often, so you’ll wish them to be permitted many simply and on a totally apart rod. Keep to a order of ride many veteran stylists and closet experts recommend: If we can’t see it, we won’t wear it. The beauty of this DIY closet system is that it allows we to put equipment on shelves and hang them on racks, rather than puncture by drawers and ambiguous bins. Everything stays orderly and in view.

EZ Shelf Shoe Rack


Step 3: Install sidewall shelving.
Consider ascent during slightest one expandable closet shelf with an concomitant bar to run a full length. Use a bind magnitude to find and symbol a accurate tallness of a shelf that we wish to extend between a dual sidewalls. Typically, for a double hang area, you’d position a reduce shelf and rod 40 to 42 inches high (from a building to a tip of a rod) and a tip shelf and rod combo 80 to 84 inches high (from a building to a tip of a rod). Then, punch out a template that comes with a kit, bind it to a wall, and use a turn to safeguard that your shelf aspect will be level. Mark a anchor placements on any sidewall in pencil. Using 4 high-strength anchors and an electric drill/screwdriver, implement a initial tube receiver to a left sidewall and check a positioning with a level. Insert one expandable, high-strength steel tube into a opening closest to a wall on a receiver; use produce or racket if required to fit it in place. Then, insert a second tube receiver—or an finish joint that allows we to mix modular shelves to camber longer than 73″—on a right end, and extend a tube with a receiver to strech a conflicting wall. Before we repeat designation there, make certain that both a tube and tube receiver are level: The tube should be ideally plane and a tube receiver should be turn front to behind along a sidewall.

After both receivers and a behind tube are in place, insert and enhance a remaining 4 steel tubes to fit. Finally, mountain a core support to a behind wall, and afterwards insert a unresolved rod. Twist a rod so it expands to fit snugly in your space, and a initial of your closet organizers is good to go!

Step 4: Put adult joint shelves.
Installation of shelves shorter than a full breadth of a wall (say, those meant to hang a tiny preference of pants underneath a collection of dresses, shirts, jackets, and more) is achieved likewise to a easy routine described in Step 3, though these brief shelves insert to a behind wall with during slightest one finish bracket. So, rather than installing an end-to-end pattern between sidewalls, you’ll use a enclosed template to assistance we bind an finish joint and tube receiver public to a behind wall, afterwards insert a behind tube and extend it out toward a sidewall, where you’ll insert it into a finish bracket/tube receiver assembly. Then, we usually need to supplement a core support and a unresolved tube. Sound like a snap? It is! To see how easy, check out a designation videos.

Step 5: Arrange a remaining shelves.
The Expandable Walk-In Closet Organizer includes 5 shelf-and-rod units along with all required tube receivers for sidewall ascent and 5 core supports, as good as 4 finish brackets to concede all a flexibility we could presumably need. Customize your closet in a approach that’s usually right for your things and your space. For instance, in a “U”-shaped closet we could implement double unresolved on a left and right sides and a singular unresolved for prolonged panoply on a behind wall. Or, if your space is vast enough, we can squeeze and implement an additional smoke-stack of 3 to 5 expandable shelves (without a unresolved rods) on one wall during whatever heights work best for storage of folded equipment like sweaters and brief sleeve shirts or bins of accessories. Place these shelves anywhere we like though fussing over anticipating wall studs, and rest positive that a shelves will reason adult to 200 pounds each.

Step 6: Let it grow!
Unlike other shelving, EZ Shelf is modular, so we can enhance your walk-in closet in opposite combinations to fit your changing needs. Add some-more shelves as needed, bond shelves to one another to emanate storage longer than 73 inches, or—if we have a shelf left over—install it in another room that could use some durable storage. EZ Shelf products even work good as laundry room shelving or mudroom organizers!

Step 7: Personalize and decorate.
Take a few mins to make your walk-in closet a truly unique, lush retreat. First, smoke-stack wicker baskets (or, for improved prominence of contents, select handle baskets or transparent bins) atop high shelves to classify out-of-season accessories. Then, cruise stationing an Expandable Shoe Rack in a bit of open building space so your shoes will always be orderly and in reach. A full-length counterpart on a doorway and a few musical touches, and you’re done. With a walk-in closet so great, we might never wish to travel out!


EZ Shelf White Walk-In Closet Organizer


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