How to download your Flickr print library and send it to Google Photos or iCloud Photo library

January 6, 2017 - storage organizer

After dual massive cue breaches, a accurate destiny of Yahoo is capricious from a integrate of opposite angles. Reports prove that a buyer, Verizon, might have second thoughts or be perplexing to renegotiate a multi-billion-dollar squeeze price. But even if all goes forward as planned—at whatever final price—Yahoo’s stream set of businesses are doubtful to tarry as they stand.

The many exposed and best loved, besides Tumblr, is a long-running Flickr photo-hosting and pity service. Once a spark of a amicable network before such a tenure had been coined, many users have left for Google Photos, Apple’s Photos apps sum with iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, and others. Flickr didn’t keep adult with other print services and never utterly got a full-on amicable religion, even yet it perceived a modernise a few years ago that came with 1TB of giveaway storage per user.

Given that Flickr could morph into something else or tighten down, if we have photos that sojourn there, we substantially wish to devise to download them and import them into other systems or internal storage before we have a ticking deadline clock. In this article, we explain Flickr’s download apparatus and stipulations and what we can design when importing photos and videos into Google Photos and Photos for macOS.

Flickr exports media and metadata, yet not user-entered information

Flickr total hooks for outward developers good before many sites suspicion of charity an API (application programmers interface), and for a prolonged time, exporting your Flickr media compulsory operative by one of those outward firms. As Flickr’s approval declined, many of these services tighten down or shifted divided from Flickr. we can’t find any active ones that concede for arguable bulk trade of images and videos.

Fortunately, Flickr total a possess proceed export-via-download underline in early 2015. But a underline is really thin, effectively yet documentation, and requires a lot of bid to understanding with a vast library. (Mine is over 12,000 images and a few hundred videos, about 32GB.)

Flickr trade doesn’t include:

  • Image title, keywords, description, and chartering information unless benefaction in a media when it is creatively uploaded
  • Comments
  • Favorites (counts, by whom, and so forth)
  • Statistics (views by print and compared information)

It does include:

  • The full fortitude of an picture as uploaded
  • The encoded fortitude of a video as processed after upload
  • EXIF metadata that was prejudiced of a media file, such as exposure, geotagging, and origination date

This is a outrageous bummer for anyone who has spent many hours tagging images and essay descriptions directly within Flickr or a compared apps. we switched a few years ago to adding metadata in iPhoto and afterwards Photos as good as Adobe Lightroom, afterwards regulating upload features. This tagging information survives a spin trip, nonetheless we don’t precisely need to download those images, as we already have them in my libraries.