IFTD 2014 Highlights: Accessories, Fly Boxes, etc

July 24, 2014 - storage organizer

A good array of new products are debuted during a annual International Fly Tackle Dealers show. Each year, a handful equipment mount out among a throng of new introductions. In sequence to assistance prominence some of a new products, IFTD allows attendees of a uncover to opinion for their favorites in a New Products Showcase. While this helps move courtesy to some good products, there are many that don’t win awards or that aren’t entered in a showcase that don’t always get a courtesy they deserve. Over a subsequent few weeks, in an bid to assistance prominence some of this year’s best new products, we’ll be edition a array of pieces highlighting some of a new products that held a eye during this year’s uncover in Orlando.

Fishpond Sushi Roll

Although appendage manufacturers are always perplexing to reinvent a fly box, with varying levels of success, Fishpond has motionless to go in another instruction with a new Sushi Roll. The Sushi Roll is a storage resolution for large streamers, saltwater flies and a like that aims to urge over large fly boxes and their issues with bulk, continuance and dampness retention. The Sushi Roll is a nylon corroborated froth pad that we can plunk a large array of streamers onto. Once you’ve plucked off a fly of your choice, simply hurl adult a Sushi Roll and accumulate it. The Sushi Roll is lined with froth teeth that apart a layers which, according to Fishpond, lets atmosphere to upsurge through, permitting your streamers to dry and preventing your hooks from rusting. Once rolled up, a Sushi Roll takes adult extremely reduction genuine estate than a tough box. Retail: $30.

Tacky Fly Box

Speaking of perplexing to reinvent a fly box, that’s accurately what Tacky Fly Fishing directed to do with a Tacky Fly Box, and many folks seem to consider they’ve succeeded. The one endowment leader in a organisation of appendage highlights, a Tacky Fly Box took home a endowment for ‘Best Fly Box/Storage System’ this year, most to a pleasure of a throng during a awards ceremony. The Tacky Fly box began as a Kickstarter plan and most of a dual year RD has left on in a open eye. The result, that rigourously debuted during IFTD, is an new pattern that claims to offer immeasurable alleviation over normal froth boxes and their bad continuance by a new cut pattern that is cut into a silicone element instead of foam. A lot of a folks we talked with during a uncover that got a possibility to go hands-on with a Tacky Fly Box were impressed, and so were we.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Bug Collars

Bozeman Reel Company is now Bozeman Fly Fishing, interjection to a introduction of a array of accessories into their product lineup. One of those new introductions is their new Bug Collars. I’m spend a shamefully tiny volume of time behind a vice. This is due partially to my bustling report though mostly a outcome of a fact that I’m a flattering crappy tier. Bozeman Fly Fishing’s new Bug Collars — doughnut made coronet beads designed for adding prohibited spots to nymphs and other flies — make me wish to dirt off a clamp and file my qualification to emanate all demeanour of new sprite creations, ones that would differently need extremely some-more patience, ability and a some-more poignant batch of materials than we have. Bug collars have a slight cone figure on one finish are convex with a countersunk hole on a other side. They work seamlessly with stone and cone heads and can also be orderly stacked, formulating a ribbed effect. They’re accessible in a far-reaching operation of colors and sizes, including beads that flouresce for UV prohibited mark fans, and won’t mangle a bank during 18 cents a pop. Retail: $18 (pack of 100).

Umpqua Tailgater Organizer

The Umpqua Tailgater Organizer was another product that was being widely talked about during a uncover and is one of those should-have-thought of it products. Well, given we didn’t, Umpqua did and chances are they’ll be offered a lot of these instead of you. The Tailgater Organizer turns those Rubbermaid totes that find their approach into many a fisherman’s cars, trucks, boats and some-more as “go boxes”, wader and foot storage and so on into a bonafide workstation for all fishing associated and more. Through a elementary tag system, a Tailgater Organizer attaches to a far-reaching distance operation of toes and offers adult 4 panels of storage and organization. According to a Umpqua team, a Tailgater Organizer has also been tested on coolers — such as a YETI — with earnest results. Retail: $79.

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