IKEA Is Hosting A Huge "Back to College" Party This Weekend — Featuring Serious Sales

July 2, 2018 - storage organizer

You already know IKEA is a good place to emporium when you’re removing prepared to go off to college (even if it is a bit of a trek!) — a stores have only about all we could ever need, from seat and bedding to taste and storage, and a immeasurable infancy of it is super affordable, too. And if you’re formulation on streamer to your internal IKEA for back-to-school supplies and occur to be a member of a IKEA Family faithfulness program, this weekend (June 7th and 8th) is a best time to go. Why? Because a sequence is hosting a national Back to College event, featuring disdainful in-store discounts for members, along with grill deals and activities and workshops during many of a stores nationwide.

If we conduct to a participating store this weekend, you’ll get a banking for $25 off your squeeze of $150 or more, along with a following deals:

  • Up to 25 percent off RAJGRAS duvet cover pillowcase
  • Up to 20 percent off KIRSKAL 7-piece bed in a bag set
  • Up to 20 percent off HEMNES bed frames
  • Up to 20 percent off ADUM rugs
  • Up to 20 percent off STRIMKROKUS quilt and pillowcase

Along with a discounts, there will be workshops and crafts we can take partial in, like formulating a table that fits your needs, DIY fabric wall art, and planting your possess succulents.

As distant as food goes, there will also be giveaway coffee or tea during a IKEA restaurant, and a banking for $5 off your $25 squeeze from a Swedish Food Market, among other discounts. On Sunday, we can even measure a Swedish-American breakfast for $1.49.

If you’re not an IKEA Family member though would like to turn one, we can join online during IKEA, and we can hit your internal IKEA to see if they’re participating in Back to College weekend. And if we can’t make it to an IKEA store for a eventuality though still wish to shop their college products, check out some of the picks below.

storageorganizer.hol.es/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload https://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/best-stores/g22020399/ikea-family-back-to-college-event/

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