Industry, environmentalists coexist during point Atlantic Coast Pipeline meetings

January 23, 2015 - storage organizer

As Dominion Resources kicked off a Atlantic Coast Pipeline open residence meetings in West Virginia Jan. 21, environmentalists behind a West Virginia Matters debate set adult stay right subsequent doorway to horde a possess assembly on a proposal.

At a West Virginia Matters meeting, hold subsequent doorway to Dominion’s open residence during Iron Road Inn in Elkins Jan. 21, debate drivers supposing residents with educational material, including plan maps and handouts explaining how to contention a criticism to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

West Virginia Matters, a statewide debate sponsored by West Virginia Wilderness Lovers (WVWL), aims to surprise residents of health and open reserve issues compared with due healthy gas delivery pipelines that would run by a state if they were approved.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline — a corner try between Dominion Resources, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas and AGL Resources — is a due 551-mile healthy gas delivery that would broach healthy gas from supply areas in West Virginia to Virginia and North Carolina.

Maria Gunnoe, a village organizer with a Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and member of WVWL, pronounced a members behind a assembly directed to make maps and other information some-more permitted to circuitously village members.

“There are lot of people who don’t have Internet entrance who wish a maps,” Gunnoe said. “That’s how this started; we were listening to what people wanted and done it accessible to them.”

WV Matters also offers a maps as good as other information about a pipeline, venerable domain, FERC criticism acquiescence and other information on a debate website,

“I unequivocally consider people conflicting a state unequivocally need to open their eyes about gas fracking and gas pipelines,” Gunnoe said. “We need to consider about what we’re peaceful to scapegoat for a distinction of a gas industry. As a state, we have to prioritize here.”

“We’re articulate about a headwaters of a celebration H2O in a eastern U.S. Are we unequivocally going to give that up?” she added. “It’s not what we gain, it’s what we give up.

Attendees also listened presentations from Gunnoe, WVWL Founder Lauran Ragland, and geologist Pamela Dodd, among others.

Bob Orndorff, comparison routine confidant with Dominion, pronounced a company’s open houses also intend to surprise residents about a project.

“The purpose of a assembly is to accommodate with a particular landowners,” he said. That way, a association can find out “things we don’t know about their property, and yield them with information.”

Attendees can revisit work stations and accommodate with association and FERC member to get information on mapping, operations, leasing, safety, sourroundings and “any other form of question” about a proposal.

Residents can also find information about a plan on a company’s website here

Gunnoe, who was awarded a Goldman Environmental Prize in 2009, pronounced residents are ordinarily impressed by a information they’re given.

“They’re unequivocally endangered about their ability to continue to live in their home places,” she said. “People are deeply concerned, generally with things going on conflicting a nation with methane accidents.”

In response to environmental concerns, Orndorff pronounced Dominion works to keep reserve a company’s tip priority.

“For Dominion, a No. 1 priority is safety. We start each assembly with a reserve briefing,” he said. “We take honour in handling in a protected fashion.”

Orndorff combined that a pipeline, if constructed, would be regulated by a US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

“Pipelines are a safest mode of travel (for oil and gas) — infrequently people forget that,” he said.

While WV Matters opposes Dominion’s proposal, she pronounced there’s “no tough feelings” between a organisation and a company.

“We commend we’re on conflicting sides of an issue,” Gunnoe said. “There’s no reason to be meant to one another, we’re all human.”

Similarly, Orndorff pronounced he has had mixed discussions with Gunnoe and Ragland, and welcomes a open dialogue.

“We don’t bashful divided from dialogue,” he said. “They motionless they would set adult their possess meetings, and that’s partial of a open routine and partial of because we live in America — giveaway debate for everyone.”

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