InventHelp® Client Patents "Tool Tote 2" – Mobile Tool Organizer Invented for Optimum Efficiency

April 7, 2016 - storage organizer

InventHelp, formed in Pittsburgh, is submitting a Tool Tote 2 to companies for their care and intensity feedback.


InventHelp, a heading contriver use company, announces that one of a clients, an contriver from Florida, has designed a ride mutated to facilitate a ride of a far-reaching array of tools. This invention is patented.

“Tool Tote 2” would embody casters on a bottom and dual wheels on a behind for palliate of maneuverability. A apparatus apron would confine a tip of a box. The box itself would embody 6 storage drawers with organizers for tiny supplies. This pattern could keep all collection simply manifest for discerning and easy access, expelling a need to rummage around for tools. The section would be vast adequate to reason a round saw, with cords or other energy collection or diverse equipment. The invention could save a user from carrying to make as many trips behind and onward to a lorry to get supplies.

Tool Tote 2 would embody of a apparatus ride that would underline an apron wrapped around a tip with an array of pouches and pockets. The box would underline drawers or storage trays that could open simply from both sides with boxes for cavalcade bits, screws, tape, and more. The bottom of a box would underline 4 casters. Two of a casters would close so that a box would not change during transport. Two vast wheels on a behind would concede a ride to be pulled along simply on all forms of terrain. These wheels could also concede a ride to be pulled adult curbs with ease. The vast wheels would keep a ride ideally offset when in a sloping position. The ride can be distant into dual halves for easy doing and storage. The ride would embody a support underneath a apron pockets so that they do not get in a approach of a drawers and rip prematurely. The ride would also embody an prolongation hoop that could fall for storage. Tool Tote 2 could be constructed in opposite sizes and versions.

InventHelp is attempting to contention a invention to companies for review. If estimable seductiveness is expressed, a association will try to negotiate for a sale or royalties for a inventor. For some-more information, write Dept. 12-FLA-2365 during (800) 851-6030.

Manufacturers meddlesome in reviewing additional inventions and new product ideas can hit InventHelp’s selling partner Intromark by stuffing out an online ask to examination new product ideas here.

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