iOS 8 Launch: 4 Things To Do Before Upgrading Your iPhone, iPod or iPad

September 17, 2014 - storage organizer

The launch of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS 8 is usually around a corner. It will, of course, come pre-loaded on Apple’s new iPhone 6, though if we have no skeleton to upgrade, or are simply watchful until a rush subsides you’re in luck: Current Apple phones after a iPhone 4s can ascent to iOS 8 on Wednesday.

But before we implement Apple’s latest handling system, there are a few things we should do to get your iPhone, iPod or iPad ready:

Delete neglected apps

The burst to a new handling complement chronicle provides an event for users to do a small bit of tidying adult before installing iOS 8. By regulating iTunes’ built-in app organizer or going by your iOS device manually, we can arrange out a hundreds of “Flappy Bird” clones or apps downloaded over a camber of a few years.

This has a combined advantage of pardon adult a few megabytes or gigabytes that can be used for a series of new apps entrance to iOS 8.

Offload your camera hurl and aged messages

If we have never downloaded your iPhone’s photos and videos to your computer, we could be blank out on a few gigabytes of space. Not to mention, they can also means your iCloud backup to simply outgrow a giveaway 5GB of space offering per Apple ID. While this was formerly reduction of an emanate for users that frequency use iCloud, a introduction of iCloud Drive could send users scrambling to transparent adult space for their mobile documents.

You can also scrounge adult an additional gigabyte or dual by deletion aged iMessages, generally if we send photos and video mostly by a Messages app.

Backup your iPhone or iOS device

Before any vital upgrade, it’s rarely endorsed that we behind adult your iPhone or iOS device. While we can do that usually by iCloud, it doesn’t harm to make a primer backup by iTunes, that provides a choice to emanate a internal backup on your Mac or PC. To do so, usually go to your device page in iTunes and click a backup button.

For iCloud backups, users usually can start a primer backup by going to Settings iCloud Storage and Backup and drumming “Back Up Now.”

Upgrading to iOS 8

If you’re not experiencing any issues with iOS 7, we shouldn’t have any emanate upgrading to iOS 8 wirelessly by going to Settings General Software Update. But make certain we have some giveaway space accessible so iOS 8 can entirely download to your device.

If your iPhone or iOS device is behaving up, cruise restoring it totally once iOS 8 is released. It will emanate a purify line-up for iOS 8, that should repair any issues that couldn’t be solved by pardon adult some space or deletion apps. However, if we select to go this route, reason off from installing iOS 8 until after in a day, when direct has slim off. Apple’s servers tend to knowledge high trade in a initial hours of releasing a new handling system, and it is different if this could means issues during a download and implement process.

While Apple hasn’t announced a specific download time for iOS 8 on Wednesday, a association has historically expelled a mobile handling complement during 1 p.m. EDT.

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