iOS 8: TidBITS Answers Your Questions

September 18, 2014 - storage organizer

iOS 8 is here, and a TidBITS staff has banded together to answer your blazing questions. Before we dive into installing iOS 8, though, be certain to review a warning articles: “iOS 8 Users: Do Not Upgrade to iCloud Drive” (16 Sep 2014) and “Turn Off Automatic iOS App Updates” (16 Sep 2014).

Our finish beam to iOS — Managing Editor Josh Centers’s arriving book, “iOS 8: A Take Control Crash Course” — is still in a works, yet anyone who pre-orders it now can download a 9-page preview PDF containing dual finished chapters.

In a meantime, though, let’s dive into a questions. If we have additional questions, greatfully ask them in a comments, and we’ll do a best to lane down answers for you.

What’s a biggest change in iOS 8?

Unlike iOS 7, iOS 8 doesn’t offer many new in a approach of visible panache. (That might or might not be a good thing, depending on your opinion of iOS 7’s look.) But what developers can do in iOS 8 will change how we use your devices. Imagine being means to save articles to read-it-later use Pocket directly from Safari yet any quirky workarounds, or being means to move adult 1Password in Safari, customarily like we can on a Mac. Not customarily that, yet developers will be means to offer tradition widgets for a Today View in Notification Center and tradition keyboards that Android users have enjoyed for years, like Fleksy and Swype.

A lot of other vital changes in iOS 8 are designed to move iOS inclination and Macs closer together, yet those will need OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Can my device run iOS 8?

If you’re regulating iOS 7 now, yes, with one exception, a iPhone 4, that had opening issues underneath iOS 7. iOS 8 works on anything including or after than a iPhone 4s, a fifth-generation iPod touch, and a iPad 2. Older iPhone and iPod reason models, and a strange iPad sojourn out in a cold.

However, not all facilities will work on comparison devices. In particular, Continuity is singular to a iPhone 5 or later, a fourth-generation iPad or later, and a fifth-generation iPod touch. Plus, a arriving Apple Pay underline is singular to a iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch (though a Apple Watch will be reportedly means to use Apple Pay even if it’s interconnected with an comparison iOS device — see “Apple Pay Aims to Disrupt Payment Industry,” 9 Sep 2014).

How vast is iOS 8?

iOS 8.0 is a 1.1 GB download, and while user reports vary, we suggest carrying 5.7 GB of storage space permitted to implement it.

We suggest installing vital updates like this by iTunes, after entirely syncing and subsidy adult your device locally first. If we don’t have adequate space giveaway on a device, even iTunes will exclude to implement a update, yet we can always stop syncing strain or cinema temporarily, do a installation, and reset your media sync settings afterwards.

Is iOS 8 faster or slower than iOS 7? Is battery life any different?

We’ve been regulating a iOS 8 bullion master (which should be homogeneous to a shipping version), and opening seems roughly equal to iOS 7, for good or ill.

Battery life is a same or somewhat worse, that is standard for iOS updates. As always seems to happen, we design that some people will knowledge radically worse battery life after upgrading. Such problems are mostly resolved by restoring a device from scratch, or by creation certain that all apps are upgraded to iOS 8-savvy versions.

Should we wait to ascent to iOS 8?

Obviously, we haven’t waited, and if you’re champing during a bit to check out a new features, there’s expected no tangible mistreat in doing so. However, for many people, we suggest watchful a few days, weeks, or months, for a series of reasons:

  • A series of facilities aren’t operative in a iOS 8 golden master, or won’t be finish until a recover of OS X Yosemite, including Handoff, iCloud Drive, and AirDrop. Even when Yosemite does spin available, certain facilities will customarily work if we have a Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

  • iCloud Documents Data is disdainful with iCloud Drive, and upgrading to iCloud Drive is a one-way street. If we ascent to iCloud Drive as partial of a iOS 8 setup process, we won’t be means to use iCloud syncing with Macs regulating Mavericks or inclination still on iOS 7. For details, see “iOS 8 Users: Do Not Upgrade to iCloud Drive” (16 Sep 2014)

  • Many of iOS 8’s vital changes will indeed be in how apps operate, and it will take time for developers to take advantage of those features.

  • During a beta period, Apple forsaken a series of betrothed iOS 8 features, such as SMS send and Siri strain identification. We design they’ll be combined behind in a stirring update. Apple Pay, that will be disdainful to a new iPhone 6 models and a Apple Watch, will not be permitted until October.

  • With a initial recover of any vital handling system, there are firm to be astonishing problems that after updates will resolve. Even if we don’t wait that long, it’s softened to see what people are observant online before creation a jump.

  • Even if iOS 8 were to work swimmingly, Apple’s servers will no doubt be slammed on a initial few days, that could make a refurbish tough to obtain, and even if we get it installed, many of a new cloud-based services might not work scrupulously until things ease down.

Wait, so when is Yosemite entrance out?

Our Magic 8 Ball suggests late October, yet past opening doesn’t always envision destiny behavior.

What’s this Family Sharing underline we keep conference about?

For distant too long, family members have had to burst by hoops or share passwords if they wanted to share apps, music, videos, and books purchased from Apple. Well, that or share a singular Apple ID, that brings with it another set of annoyances. Well, those days are over. With Family Sharing in iOS 8 and Yosemite, we can share App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store purchases with adult to 5 other people in your evident family, with all purchases billed to a organizer’s account. Family Sharing also facilitates print sharing, plcae sharing, and calendar sharing, and gripping lane of any person’s devices.

What’s new with Notification Center?

Notification Center has dual sparkling new features:

  • Interactive notifications: You can now lift down presentation banners to correlate with them, yet opening a app. For example, we can lift down a Messages presentation ensign to respond to a summary or a Twitter presentation to favorite a tweet.

  • Image

  • Today View widgets: Notification Center has had widgets like Stocks and Weather given it initial seemed in iOS 5, yet now third-party app developers can confederate their possess widgets in a Today View of iOS 8’s Notification Center. This can be used in some astonishing ways, so, for instance, a refurbish to PCalc can supplement a absolute calculator to your Notification Center, creation it permitted from anywhere.

We design Notification Center to spin significantly some-more used in iOS 8 as people pretence it out with their favorite widgets.

Is there any easier to approach to entrance frequently used contacts?

We’re blissful we asked! The iOS App Switcher now lists your many new contacts along a top. Tap one to see permitted communication options.

Is Spotlight any some-more means in iOS 8?

Spotlight has been holding lessons from Siri, creation it distant some-more useful for searches over a essence of your device. Previously, Spotlight would offer to approach a Web or Wikipedia hunt to Safari, yet in iOS 8, it can uncover we approach links to Wikipedia pages, film showtimes, circuitously locations, and more. In a screenshot below, we searched for “ninja turtles,” and Spotlight showed internal showtimes for a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie, along with a integrate to a compared Wikipedia entry.

How about Siri? Any new tricks there?

Siri, as good as voice dictation, now displays your difference as we contend them, so you’re not left guessing what Siri thinks we pronounced while Apple’s servers do a transcription. But maybe a many engaging new pretence is Hey Siri, that lets we activate Siri hands giveaway while a device is charging. Just say, “Hey Siri” to get her attention.

Luckily, we can spin this off, given it’s tradition done for pranksters to control your iPhone.

Didn’t Apple contend it would be easier to form in iOS 8?

Besides a aforementioned alleviation to dictation, Apple is charity a integrate of outrageous improvements to typing in iOS 8.

  • QuickType: Say goodbye to AutoCorrect frustrations. Borrowing a page from Android, a new QuickType bar above a tip keyboard quarrel offers word suggestions as we type. Tap one to insert it. The leftmost idea is customarily accurately what we typed, so we can daub it to bypass involuntary corrections.

  • Third Party Keyboards: Flipping to another page in Android’s playbook, Apple is now permitting developers to emanate choice keyboards. Popular Android keyboards like Fleksy (the genuine deal, not a singular chronicle for iOS 7), Swype, and SwiftKey are possibly permitted now or should be attack a App Store soon, yet that’s not all. Smile has grown a special TextExpander snippet-expanding keyboard for iOS 8, and a new PopKey keyboard will let we form with charcterised GIFs. It’ll be fun to see what iOS developers come adult with!

Are there any new apps in iOS 8?

You bet: Health, Tips, Podcasts, and iBooks. If those final dual sound familiar, they should, given they’re not new, yet are now bundled apps and can't be deleted.

  • Health: The much-touted Health app aggregates biometric information from fitness-tracking apps and inclination (like a Apple Watch), and Apple has hinted that a information could be used by your alloy in a future. It also offers a choice of substantiating an puncture Medical ID that can be accessed by puncture workers even when your device is locked.

  • Tips: The new Tips app is a useful starting place for new users, or anyone who’s extraordinary as to what’s new in iOS 8. It offers a series of useful tips to get a many out of iOS.

Health could be game-changing, yet Tips seems like a arrange of app you’ll demeanour during once and afterwards record divided with other pre-installed apps that we can’t delete.

What’s new in Messages?

iOS 8 introduces dual new ways to promulgate in Messages: voice messages and video messages. To a right of a content submit box is a new microphone icon. Press it, record a voice message, and daub a arrow to send it. Video messages are similar, solely we reason a camera symbol down. You can also press and reason a camera symbol to take a selfie and send it automatically (be clever with that one!).

Messages has also softened a approach we insert images. When we daub a camera icon, it displays your many new photos instead of creation we walk over to your Photo Library to name one.

That’s cool, yet can a new Messages assistance with all those “Where are you?” messages?

You can now send someone your plcae in Messages, as good as perspective a locations of others. For many people, it renders a Find My Friends app archaic (you’ll need a new chronicle of Find My Friends if we wish to keep regulating it in iOS 8). Family Sharing will also concede family members to simply share locations, yet members can select to opt out.

Are organisation messages finally manageable?

Yes! You can now supplement people to a conversation, leave a conversation, rename a conversation, or even invalidate notifications for a conversation. With iOS 8, Messages during final becomes a full-featured discuss client.

Renaming a review is quite critical for those of us who have incidentally sent a summary to a organisation rather than to a chairman who’s listed initial in a group. Talk about a remoteness hole a distance of a truck!

What about Safari? Has Apple altered many there?

Oh yeah. Thanks to Extensibility, Safari gains bone-fide browser extensions, customarily like on a desktop. For example, in a new chronicle of 1Password, we can move adult your safe from within Safari to record in to your favorite Web sites (and even clear it with Touch ID!).

Another underline that might seductiveness TidBITS readers is a further of RSS feeds to Shared Links, that effectively turns Safari into an RSS reader.

Other diverse Safari facilities embody adding credit label information with a camera, a further of a DuckDuckGo hunt engine (see “Search in Private with DuckDuckGo,” 20 Aug 2014), and apart private tabs.

Has Mail improved?

Mail has a few good additions in iOS 8. You can now wharf a harmonise mirror (or mixed harmonise panes) to a bottom of a shade so we can open and impute to other email messages yet carrying to tighten your draft. Also new are appropriate gestures, that let we fast perform actions on email; these also work on a Lock screen. Finally, notifications can be enabled for particular email threads.

Anything new with Photos?

iCloud Photo Library is a earnest new approach to store and sync photos and videos in a cloud. You can select to keep your strange photos on your device, or if we wish to save space locally, we can opt to keep customarily tiny previews on your device and store a originals in iCloud. (We strongly suggest that all a luminary readers set adult two-factor authentication to strengthen your bare photos uploaded to iCloud.) iCloud Photo Library promises to keep your whole print collection synced and permitted on all of your inclination regulating iOS 8, yet there won’t be a tie with a Mac until a Mac chronicle of a Photos app debuts in early 2015.

Photos now also includes new modifying collection to adjust composition, light, and color. You can also hunt for photos by plcae or date. Other teenager tweaks embody being means to censor and symbol photos as favorites, and interjection to Extensibility, you’ll be means to use third-party print filters directly within a Photos app.

Do note that Photos replaces a aged iPhoto for iOS app, that isn’t upheld in iOS 8. Apple has instructions on how to migrate your information to Photos.

If we have other questions, greatfully ask them in a comments, and we’ll do a best to supplement to this essay until it goes out in a email book of TidBITS subsequent week!

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