Is Your Kitchen A Catchall For Junk? These Genius Storage Solutions Can Help.

January 25, 2018 - storage organizer

Bernstein believes each kitchen should have a junk drawer—but there are rules. “The junk drawer is a place for essential things, not indispensably kitchen related, though they’re there since of their magnitude of use. Each domicile has to confirm what’s going in there.”

Bernstein keeps a few pens and pencils in hers, along with additional phone chargers, scissors, tape, a ruler, Post-its, matches, a butane lighter, and keys, an object that always seems to be thrown haphazardly on kitchen counters.

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If your junk drawer is nearby a opening to your home, it can be a good place for keychains. But if not, cruise picking adult a wall-mounted hilt to keep your countertops transparent of pivotal clutter. We like this one by Brooklyn Basix since it also has a place for wallets, dungeon phones, and other tiny equipment that tend to raise adult on kitchen counters.

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