Jacksonville business helps with clutter

January 24, 2015 - storage organizer

PURRsonal ReDesigns

PURRsonal ReDesigns

Posted: Saturday, Jan 24, 2015 9:42 am

Jacksonville business helps with clutter

By Jo Anne Embleton


Is confusion removing a best of you, notwithstanding your thought to corral it?

Lynda Pike Litterst of Jacksonville can help.

Litterst, who operates PURRsonal ReDesigns, describes herself as a veteran re-arranger/stager/organizer – in a nutshell, someone whose skills in “de-cluttering” advantages others.

“Organization doesn’t always meant ‘purrfection,’ that means reduction time will be indispensable for a project,” she points out. “Therefore, a grade of success can be achieved on a smaller budget.”

Services embody downsizing; re-décor; purify out/reorganization of closets, garages or storage areas; organizing a chateau for move, as good as entertainment one to sell; move-in/relocation; and comparison transitioning move.

The initial, no-obligation conference is a tiny $10.

The best part? Litterst is as concerned as a proprietor chooses her to be.

Project appearance varies from “do it yourself” to “side by side” to “phone/email,” permitting a besiege proprietor as most submit as preferred into organizing his or her digs.

The initial choice includes an comment of a residence; from there, Litterst said, a created devise of movement is put into place, and a proprietor carries out a devise during his or her possess pace.

In a “side by side” option, after Litterst completes her comment and drafts a devise of action, she works alongside a client, “helping and coaching any step of a way,” she explained.

The third choice focuses write and/or email coaching as a customer works by a created devise of action.

Whichever track a customer decides to go, a finish outcome is a same: Interior redesign.

“Interior redesign is infrequently called ‘one-day decorating,’ or ‘use what we have decorating,’ ” Litterst said.

But it’s simply “the art of professionally arranging a seat and accessories of a customer to make a home some-more pleasing and some-more functional,” she forked out.

“The thought is to renovate any room, regulating what a homeowner already owns, but carrying to squeeze anything new – unless a customer wants to do so.”

“Shopping a home” infrequently can produce “something superb from a garage or a closet that you’ve mislaid about,” she said. “Many people have rediscovered treasures they had mislaid or mislaid about.”

As a result, a judgment – that harkens behind to 1983 in New York – has authorised veteran assistance in beautifying a home to turn affordable for a normal homeowner, she said.

“Your dream home might be as tighten as a lift of a sofa, a lift of a chair, a design rehung, a carpet incited a other direction, or a wall embellished a opposite color,” she said.

Home entertainment differs in that decorating is designed with readying a home for sale on a genuine estate market.

“The techniques used have been proven to assistance a genuine estate representative or home owners to sell faster and for a significantly increasing price,” she said. “During severe markets, it’s even some-more needed to use entertainment techniques since it take s some-more bid for a skill to mount out from a competition.”

In this capacity, Litterst pronounced she works to prominence a home’s healthy resources by emphasizing a expanse while simplifying furnishings and accessories.

She also “suggests services that will repair tiny problems that would be residence after in an inspection,” along with de-clutters and rearranges domicile items, as good as helps give ideas for “curb appeal” – a initial sense a customer has when pushing adult to a intensity new home.

Consultation costs change with home staging, due to projects involved, she noted.

However, “by entertainment your home for sale, intensity buyers are means to see a loyal intensity of a home, a attract and a usefulness,” Litterst said.

The website www.PURRsonal-ReDesigns.com gives homeowners an thought of a services offered, that are singular to within a 30-mile radius of Jacksonville, with a customary rate of $20 per hour.

Litterst also has started an classification for what she describes as “clutter intervention,” for Clutterer’s Anony-mous. The email residence is choose2simplify@live.com.

She can be reached during 903-339-6101 or email purrsonal.redesigns@live.com.

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Saturday, Jan 24, 2015 9:42 am.

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