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March 10, 2016 - storage organizer


Having a purify and well-organized trailer/workspace can be a dilemma we need during chaotic competition weekends. Outfitting your supply or garage with lightweight and durable classification and storage products are a good approach to say an advantage and gain on proper arrangement of apparatus and vehicle essentials. Jegs, one of a preeminent sources of all things racing, has put together a whole operation of affordable and peculiarity products that concede we to easily container your trailer to ready for any situation.

The squeeze of an enclosed trailer is an useful further to any racing program, and serves as some-more than usually an enclosing to transport around your time conflict appurtenance or 1/4-mile missile. It becomes a bottom of racing operations during a lane — a retreat from a elements over the competition weekend, and for some, it serves as a competition team hotel room.

Racing practice during a drag frame with a BlownZ plan automobile has given us a good determination of  the quintessential trailer storage products permitted from a friends at Jegs. Several products have severely helped with array classification and assisted our racing group to allege low into a final rounds on competition day, by providing good workspaces and palliate of entrance to tools, cleaners, and fluids.

Utilizing each bit of your racing trailer for hauling and storing gangling parts, fluids, tools, and your all important pit automobile is paramount. Packing a trailer to accommodated all these necessities can be a daunting charge as space is limited. Jegs’ lightweight aluminum storage solutions are durable and designed to fit each racer’s budget. Here is a list of enclosed trailer storage essentials … check them out below.

Jegs Trailer Door Cabinet

When it’s break time during a track, a space dedicated to work on small and perplexing collection helps to ensure parts don’t get mislaid or damaged. And it positively is convenient.

Made in a U.S., Jegs Trailer Door Cabinet (PN 555-80330K) is assembled from lightweight 0.090-inch aluminum, and is designed to be a discerning and available work hire on a go. Measuring 24×16 inches, the workspace shelf is ideal for any tiny plan and ideal for carburetor, alternator, and starter rebuilds, and it easily folds adult and thatch into place so it’s out of a approach in a tight confinements of a packed trailer. This permitted mount-it-anywhere wall organizer and workstation facilities 3 additional rows of shelving that can accommodate automotive fluids and aerosol storage needs. A reward is the integration of twin paper towel holders to assistance make cleaning adult a cinch.

The left reduce dilemma of this pad has a molded in protractor blueprint for discerning angle references. The right reduce dilemma facilities a acclimatisation draft for common fractions, permitted for when your mind memory dumps and we are stranded perplexing to remember things we schooled in third grade.

The combined Jegs workbench application pad (PN 555-80170) complements a trailer doorway cabinet with a soothing grippy oil resistant aspect that can be simply cleaned. The pad embody 5 molded recesses that are ideal for gripping tiny and ethereal collection such as carburetor and nitrous jets safe and organized, that is a contingency in any work space that’s being employed for discerning jet changes between rounds.


Jegs Folding Work Table

Using a building of a trailer as a workspace or seminar can be be pain in a neck and back; Jegs’ Folding Work Table (PN 555-80307) is designed to be lightweight and rouse we off a building to put your plan within arms reach.

Rated to withstand 100 pounds, this list is assembled of durable lightweight aluminum and is simply mounted to any aspect with a connection mounts located on 32-inch centers. We all know that carrying a still workspace can get in a approach sometimes, however during 45-1/2 inches x 18.5 inches, this work space can facilely be folded out of a approach and protrudes usually 4 inches from a side wall of a trailer when fully closed.

The Jegs folding work list can be simply changed from inside to outward and behind with mixed ascent brackets granted in a kit.

Jegs Floor Jack Mount

We all know storing a jack can be usually plain inconvenient, and when it’s in an already swarming area, a even worse. Bulky pieces of aluminum that are usually good for removing cars off a belligerent are a paperweight a rest of a time.

Jegs has figured out a approach to make certain that this “paperweight” has a good lightweight storage hilt (PN 555-80320) that allows we to keep your valued building and trailer space. Designed to insert to your trailer wall or home garage, a storage bin is done from .090-inch aluminum and measures 24×15 inches by 5.25 inches deep. Coated in silver aldine to help prevent annoying corrosion, it can also be easily embellished a tone of your choice. The bin accommodates both 1-1/2 or 2-ton aluminum building jacks.

IMG_7541Jegs Aerosol Shelf

With a consistent uncertainties of highway travel, lax aerosol cans can easily become projectiles in an enclosed trailer, unleashing the potential to wreak massacre on your cherished competition car. Do we store your fluids and cans unsecured in boxes or in beyond cabinets? This permitted Jegs aluminum aerosol tray is a elementary nonetheless useful appendage we need (PN 555-80380). It can reason around 12 customary distance aerosol cans, creation it a ideal appendage to any garage environment or car-towing encasement.

“The aerosol storage tray has unequivocally helped with function of space in BlownZ trailer that would differently be squandered space. Mounting a tray above a doorway has done it a zephyr to find accurately what we’re looking for, and a compress pattern takes advantage of a fact that a cupboard couldn’t be mounted in a same location,” states Sean Goude, BlownZ organisation chief.


Jegs Aerosol Tray With Rack

Nothing can be some-more frustrating than thrashing to creation last-minute changes between rounds, and you’re brought to a remarkable delay when looking for the right tools. Toolbox drawers usually seem to be orderly during the start of a competition weekend, though this resolution will assistance lift we by a whole competition season.

Like a aerosol storage tray, this machined aluminum shelve (PN 555-80384) is useful in storing cleaning supplies, aerosol, and oil cans with a combined advantage of being a handy, easy-to-read noted apparatus rack. The precision-cut 33.5×5.5-inch by 6-inch deep mountain binds an assortment of metric and SAE wrenches and standad screwdrivers. When mounted nearby or above a workbench it can assistance save profitable time, instead of wasting it by walking behind and onward mixed times to and from your toolbox or storage cabinets.


Jegs Wire Tie Holder

Another good classification thought from Jegs is this handle tire hilt (PN 555-80300), that creates a far-reaching operation of wire ties easily accessible. Constructed of lightweight aluminum with a powder-coated finish, this permitted storage resolution measures 13×10.75 inches and protrudes usually 3 inches off a ascent surface, creation it a good further for storage on a emporium wall or trailer siding. It accommodates 4-, 8-, 11- and 14-inch wire ties.

Jegs Tire Pressure Holder

This handy wall mountain is a Jegs atmosphere vigour sign hilt (PN 555-80304). Keeping it right in plain steer on your trailer wall or array vehicle, a hilt fits many gauges adult to 3.5 inches in diameter face and has a cutout for a tire vigour hose. Measuring 3-1/2 x 4 x 2 inches, this compress light-weight aluminum hilt is a contingency for anyone who has issues with deleterious or misplacing tire vigour gauges.

Jegs Interior Trailer Hangers


Gearheads know how frustrating it is to interpretation prolongation cords and atmosphere hoses, so these double and singular hooks (PN 555-80326, 555-80327, 555-80328) are a remedy to tangled messes. Also doubling as a good place to hang your helmet and glow suit between rounds, it keeps all within easy strech and off a building or your countertop workspace. The lightweight construction allows for easy ascent to any surface, interjection to a stout aluminum construction.

This U.S.-made industrial strength cotton-based element can be cut to fit tiny or odd-shaped areas, and is also fire-resistant and reusable with sponge-like absorption.

This U.S.-made industrial strength cotton-based element can be cut to fit tiny or odd-shaped areas, and is also fire-resistant and reusable with sponge-like absorption.

Jegs Oil Absorbent Pads

Kitty spawn can be a disaster when cleaning adult emporium and lane oil spills. Because we don’t live in a mill age anymore, Jegs’ heavy-duty oil sponge-like absorbent pads (PN 555-80178) are fire-resistant and reusable. A patented Oil-Dri technology allows these pads to fast purify adult any spills, leaks, and drips that might mark or repairs a aspect underneath your vehicle, and also assistance forestall slipping hazards.

Jegs oil absorbent pads simply tackle any oil/fluid brief and can be used as a Band-Aid to residence tiny leaks that could differently means a turn disqualification.

Jegs Tie Down Trap Holders


Most of us are guilty of  throwing a ratchet straps of a draw straps on a building inside a trailer. With a assistance of Jegs’ compress tie-down tag hangers (PN 555-80325555-80325K555-80325K1) you can scrupulously secure those straps out of a way. Made from high-strength steel with a black powder-coated finish, they are designed to keep off oil, dirt, grime, and keep your straps safely cumulative adult and out of a approach when not in use.

Race Ramps Trailer Step

Making certain we safely step into and out of a trailer can be a large step … literally. Generic stepstools are too tiny and seem to slip each that approach on a pavement array aspect of a track. They don’t seem to be means to supplement to a functionality or purpose while in consistent use, and if a step aspect gets greasy, we risk injury.

Covered in a oil-resistant, non-slip coating, this step is prefect for any plan that requires a boost adult to make a pursuit easier, and might have a combined risk of being soppy or a slipping jeopardy involved.

Covered in a oil-resistant, non-slip coating, this step is prefect for any plan that requires a boost adult to make a pursuit easier, and might have a combined risk of being soppy or a slipping jeopardy involved.

The Race Ramps trailer step (PN RR-TR-SP-30) is designed to fight a perfectionist inlet of a lane and racers who use it. Weighing usually 10 pounds, it measures 30 x 11.25 x 8 inches high and can be simply stored on a wall of a trailer.

Jegs offers one of a largest inventories of parts, supplies, and apparatus for everyone, from home garage do-it-yourselfers to veteran competition teams. To learn more, or to to perspective a online catalog, hit them regulating a resources below.

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