KitBrix Cycling Bags Will Make Obsessive Organizers Rejoice

August 20, 2015 - storage organizer

A KitBrix bag is some-more cubic than many cycling duffels and follower bags, and brings to mind a oversized lunchboxes people carried in class school. Its modular pattern helps we reserve rigging orderly in a case of your car, and a tough cosmetic bottom binds a shape. It’s a hybrid of a large cosmetic storage box and a duffel bag, featuring a best of both worlds. The element is a heavy-duty tarpaulin, and it wipes purify inside and out, so we never have to worry about an exploded jelly pack. There are waterproof inner pouches for those cyclocross races when it’s pouring sleet and we need to accumulate your phone, and outmost webbed pockets for easy entrance to critical equipment (like snacks). Bonus: if you’ve got mixed bags, they can all zip together for easy storage. 

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In further to selecting one of many musty tone options, we get to tag your bag with a pitch to uncover that sport’s rigging it holds: Road cycling, towering biking, running, swimming, and more. If you’re a triathlete, this could be your ideal set of transition/workout bags. 

If we do opt for mixed bags, they can be used as stand-alone options or zipped together in a smoke-stack and ragged as a backpack. Each comes with an tractable padded strap, though we can buy a trek straps separately. The trek choice is illusory for weekend trips. 

The bags are sincerely small, so if you’re an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink packer, we competence find them a bagatelle little for your taste. But for a minimalist who only wants a basics, it’s a ideal distance to see all during a glance, no digging required. On a outside, there’s an ID label hilt so your bag is now identifiable, and on a inside, there’s a pure slot that’s a ideal mark for your float rigging checklist, so we never forget to container your minipump again. 

Price: $65

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