Kitchen hacks: Repurpose shoe organizer for cupboard storage

February 19, 2015 - storage organizer

Here’s a really careful approach to extend cupboard storage: Use an over-door shoe hilt to store smaller kitchen tools. Hang it over a cupboard door, and we can batch it with a accumulation of tough and soothing kitchen wares.

The thought comes to us from JCPenney, that also offering dual other fun “life hacks”: Use a hot-air popcorn popper to fry immature coffee beans, and tip an open kitchen drawer with a stout slicing house to make some-more room for chopping in a tiny space.

The shoe organizer is improved for holding smaller equipment that fit entirely or scarcely entirely inside a pouches. The weight of taller and heavier equipment can make them gaunt brazen awkwardly in a pouch. They’ll stay put, though will seem a bit unsightly to anyone for whom neat classification is a goal.

And only as with scarves, a shoe hilt is a ideal place to store cloth equipment such as plate towels, napkins and reusable selling bags, any rolled firmly into the case. Organizer prices operation from $19 for vinyl to $53 for a board organizer during

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