Landmark stable nearby Holton on list of debate stops

September 27, 2015 - storage organizer

HOLTON — The loft in a large red stable on a Holaday plantation nearby Holton still contains ruins of a early history.

The lane of a pulley complement used to lift block bales into a top turn of a stable is partially intact. Long wooden beams still support a roof of a 30-foot-high storage area.

“It’s not a century-old barn, though it’s removing close,” Darin Holaday, who manages a placement core during Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Topeka, said.

Darin and his wife, Elizabeth, purchased a plantation where a stable sits in May 1993 from Elizabeth’s uncle, a late Lyman Bowser. Her uncle purchased a skill in 1963 from area proprietor Edna Morrissey.

Beyond that, a story of a stable — that is 36 feet wide, 80 feet prolonged and 41 feet high — is a bit sketchy. It is famous that a building was constructed, circa 1917, on 160 acres owned by J.C. Hurst. Local builder George William Hancuff was hired to build a barn.

By a time a Holadays, who say a cattle and grain operation, gained possession, a wooden stable was is disrepair.

“It indispensable to be painted, and a north side had unequivocally weathered,” Elizabeth, an investment officer and auditor during Farmers State Bank in Holton, said.

The integrate embellished a structure, combined a new wooden doorway and remade roof repairs in a mid-1990s and after combined corrals. But by open 2005, a stable indispensable some-more improvements.

While a substructure and wooden roof were in good shape, new steel siding, a steel roof and a staircase to a loft were added. A integrate of windows were removed, and granaries were repurposed into firewood storage areas.

“We’ve attempted a best to safety it,” Darin said. “It’s a landmark in this partial of a country.”

The Hurst stable is one of a ancestral structures that will be visited during a Jackson County Barn Tour from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 3 and 10, according to organizer Suzette McCord-Rogers. The train tour, concurrent by a Jackson County Historical Society, will stop during 4 properties to see barns and expostulate by 3 other barns, all of that are south of Holton and west of Mayetta.

The debate will skip from and lapse to a Boys Girls Club of a Prairie Band Potawatomi Reservation. The debate includes a prohibited fry beef lunch and entertainment.

In further to a Hurst barn, a other barns on a debate embody a Walsh barn, Fitzsimmons stable and twin barns built in a late 1940s from kits on a Lutz homestead.

One of a drive-by sites is a former Miller Ranch, whose owners leased some-more than a thousand acres from a Prairie Band Potawatomi tribe.

McCord-Rogers pronounced discussions along a debate will embody a use of a grasslands, equine and cattle operations in a area and a bison refuge module during a Prairie Band reservation. Tour participants will have an event to sketch a bison while they are being fed.

The story of a Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation will be discussed during a stop during Our Lady of a Snows Catholic Church. Members of a church distinguished a congregation’s 100th anniversary on May 31.

McCord-Rogers pronounced tickets for both stable debate dates typically sell out quickly. Tickets, that embody a lunch and entertainment, are $50 and contingency be purchased by Wednesday by job (785) 364-2316 or emailing

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