Lantor, Ltd., Launches Pill and Vitamin Organizer 3D Lenticular Case

March 16, 2017 - storage organizer

The group during Lantor, Ltd., is anxious to announce a launch of their latest product, a Pill and Vitamin Organizer 3D Lenticular Case.

The all-new organizer facilities storage for adult to 8 weeks of pills or vitamins in a constrained storage box that can be customized with logos for corporate clients.

Lantor, Ltd., has been a heading lenticular product printer for some-more than twenty years, and a company’s prolonged list of all-star clients includes Lego, Home Depot, Porsche America, Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, and more. With products including sell store signs, list tents, postcards, business cards, posters, and more, Lantor, Ltd., is a one-stop emporium for lenticular products for particular consumers and corporate clients alike.

With lenticular printing, a singular and color-changing aspect is constructed for an eye-catching look.

The Pill and Organizer 3D Lenticular Case can be used as an AM/PM organizer for pills or any other storage movement that clients find useful. Each reward organizer facilities a durable and high peculiarity YKK zipper and a durable construction that have been designed for longevity.

Each organizer offers tone coding labels, 5 medical information cards in a transparent cosmetic label holder, and 4 2-week tablet boxes with magnets on a backside.

Lantor, Ltd., is charity customized options for corporate clients, as well.
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About Lantor, Ltd.

Lantor, Ltd., launched in 1994 and currently serves as a heading full-service lenticular printer, charity specialty and consumer products to business such as Home Depot, Sanrio, Inc., Lego, Roche, Porsche America, Toyota, Lexus, Microsoft, Sony, and more. Products embody lenticular postcards, posters, sell box cards, sell store signs, list tents, business cards, and more.

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