Leaning Wooden Frame Erects Storage Space in Small Footprint

February 20, 2015 - storage organizer

The Leaning Loop is a handcrafted, multi-purpose honest organizer charity a elementary storage resolution for parsimonious spaces

The Leaning Loop is a handcrafted, multi-purpose honest organizer done of plain hardwood that fits orderly into a tiny home or work space. It is a modular multiple of garments hanger, bag holder, shelving unit, mirror, magnet board, pivotal holder, and shoe shelve all in one elementary storage solution. No wall connection is required and it has been designed to gaunt on a possess but losing balance, while adding equipment creates it even some-more stable.

Built-in bumpers safeguard that a section doesn’t damage wall surfaces and leave a mark.

leaning-loop-top-down.jpgThe Leaning Loop is 183cm high x 61cm far-reaching x 33cm low and is built by palm in Toronto. Jason outpost der Burg of Urbanworm Design came adult with a thought for a multi-purpose organizer while during pattern school. He was renting a tiny section with really tiny personal storage space and couldn’t find a square of seat to assistance classify his equipment that would also fit into a slight space. So, he motionless to set out to pattern a square of seat that solved his problem.

leaning-loop-magnet-board.jpgAfter sketching, modeling, building prototypes and enlightening a design, he teamed adult with internal woodworker Greg Moogk to take it to a new turn of peculiarity and craftsmanship, and rise a process for small-scale internal production. The Leaning Loop is assembled from peculiarity components and a excellent materials available. The loop structure is done with domestic hardwoods (ash, cherry, walnut, difference white oak, or maple) and a wardrobe hooks are done of steel and plain wood, possibly in matte white or matte black.

leaning-loop-shoes.jpgThe tradition magnet house during a tip can possibly be a chalkboard, whiteboard or mirror. These are corroborated with skinny steel and come with a handful of magnets. The shoe shelf insert during a bottom of a unit, that fits 3 or 4 pairs, is removable for easy soaking and done of steel offering in possibly matte white or matte black. The bottom of a honest organizer facilities tiny bumpers for additional hold and protection. You can get a good demeanour during The Leaning Loop in a video below:

The Leaning Loop

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