Letter: Invest in solar, breeze power

February 9, 2015 - storage organizer

The 24- to 30-inch sirocco on Long Island in late Jan was a third unusual continue eventuality in New York in a final 6 months. Buffalo was buried underneath a record 7 feet of sleet in December, and a statewide 24-hour record 13.5 inches of sleet fell on Islip in August.

Scientists have been warning for decades that, as hothouse gases accumulate, impassioned continue events are apropos some-more frequent. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “climate-change associated increases in sea turn have scarcely doubled today’s annual luck of a Sandy-level inundate regularity as compared to 1950.” The trend is accelerating decade by decade.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo resolved his State of a State residence by observant a family of New York pulls together in a crisis, as Nassau sent a plow lorry to Buffalo. But an unit of impediment is value a bruise of cure. The best approach for New Yorkers to work together is to deposit now in a transition from a hoary fuels that are destabilizing a meridian to a purify appetite system.

The $5 billion bank allotment gives us a special event to make a large investments we urgently need in solar and breeze power, appetite storage and efficiency, with a combined advantage of formulating some-more jobs per millio n dollars invested.

The administrator due to spend a large cube to reason down Thruway tolls, regulating a asset for short-term spending instead of investing for a future, really mistimed when gasoline prices are low. The family of New York can do better.

Mark Schaeffer

Volunteer organizer, 350.org; member, PAUSE


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