Lions Club Carnival comes courting

May 6, 2015 - storage organizer

The southern and eastern interiors of a Graham Square were bustling Monday morning, as several dozen people scrambled around, lifting tents, scheming rides, counting food and splash inventories and creation certain all was descending into place for a 42nd Annual Noon Lions Club Carnival.

Mounds of pillow-like rubbish bags filled with colorful pressed animals were sparse about a parking lot, interspersed between rides and watchful to hang on esteem counter walls.

Among those operative feverishly to have a fair prepared for a subsequent dusk was organizer and Graham Lions Club member Jim Senkel, who was carrying difficulty with a corn dog fryer.
Corn dogs, he said, were code new to a list of dishes offering during a carnival.

“The usually thing that I, as distant as a Lion’s Club, have done, is this is a initial year we’re going to have corn dogs and lemonade,” Senkel said, adding that this is also a initial time in several years that a Super Slide, stationed on a Second Street side of a Square, is returning to a register of attractions.

Though a bulk of a earthy preparations were seen many visibly several days before and adult to a carnival’s central opening Tuesday evening, May 5, Senkel has been on a pursuit for most longer.

“It’s an ongoing routine year round,” Senkel said. “As distant as removing reserve set adult and things like that, we started grouping reserve and apparatus a month ago or a small over.”

And a supply list is massive. One of a organizers went to Fredericksburg final week and picked adult 6,250 sausages.

Around that time, another organizer picked adult 17 cases of string candy mix.

Carnival manager Stephanie Booth on Sunday brought in 400 pounds of flue cake mix.

And a week ago, organizers picked adult hundreds of cases of Coke and Dr Pepper, Senkel said, while they were on sale.

“I haven’t got a smallest thought how many Cokes we have,” Senkel said, indicating to a inside of a trailer that served as an bureau and storage area. “But we can see right there that there are cases on cases on cases.”

The trailer housing a sodas used to be a storage trailer for prizes.

Normally, a Lions Club uses a American Legion building on a southeast dilemma of a Square for formulation and other purposes, though since of ongoing construction and renovations to that and a adjacent Chamber of Commerce building, a trailer had to turn a multi-use facility.

Other preparations were done months in advance, including requests to a Graham City Council to use a Square for a carnival, as good as one to a Young County Commissioners Court to use a newly empty lot on a southwest dilemma of a Square for rides.

Read a whole story in Wednesday’s Graham Leader.

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