Local Computer Science Experts Offer Tips To Avoid Hackers

September 2, 2014 - storage organizer

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Cyber hackers are during it once again this week.

Just this past weekend, hackers managed to trickle dozens of luminary bare photos online in what is being called one of a biggest luminary hackings of all time.

KAGS HD News held adult with a integrate of mechanism scientists in a area.

They tell us hacking isn’t only about hidden information – a web of lies is some-more tangled than one could imagine. 

It’s online storage space full of information that can be fatal if it gets into a wrong hands.

Robert Timm has his possess online gaming company, Hoverdog.com and has also had his possess run-in with hackers

“I consider it all boils down to roving off a broadside of a action,” Timm said, referring to hackers hidden information. “It’s only this whole area of holding advantage of someone else’s particular efforts, their broadside or their user base, that in my box was 4 million people and regulating it for their possess exploitations.”  

The many new hacking occurrence happened over a weekend when dozens of bare photos of celebrities were leaked in what many are job one of a biggest luminary hackings of all time.

Rafael Moreno, Texas AM University Computer Science Major and organizer of TAMUHack, one of a largest “hackathons” to ever take place on a Texas AM University campus says hacking isn’t as difficult as many might think.

“One of a ways we could arrange of suppose people removing hacked, generally with amicable networks is something called phishing,” Moreno said. “That’s since we shouldn’t open emails or click on links from people we don’t know.”

Timm tells us, “It turns into one of those equipment where we don’t comprehend we infrequently need a confidence until someone takes advantage of it.” 

Moreno also says there are a few things we can do to strengthen yourself from hackers hidden your information.

“The common – don’t open pointless links from people and change your cue often,” he said. “As for credit label information – we know don’t only whip that out anywhere, things like that.” 

They also tell us be clever with a information we are putting out there since even if we undo it, there is a possibility that someone has a duplicate of it.

The many new hacking fraud comes only weeks after Russian hackers stole some-more than 1 billion passwords and 500,000 email addresses.

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