MAC continues the year of jubilee with homecoming

February 23, 2015 - storage organizer

Mineral Area College distinguished a homecoming Saturday night. This year outlines MAC’s 50th anniversary given it was combined from a substructure of Flat River Junior College in 1965.

The homecoming basketball games had men’s and women’s teams battling opposite State Fair’s Roadrunners.

Homecoming organizer Kevin Thurman pronounced a eventuality was a illusory time for alumni to come to a village college, suffer good basketball match-ups and reminisce about their days during MAC or a prototype Flat River Junior College.

“With a half century of tradition that we’re celebrating this year, we looked brazen to visiting with all of a benefaction and former employees, students and village stakeholders,” he said. “We wanted everybody to come out and be a partial of this celebration.”

Thurman pronounced in further to a jaunty side of a homecoming, a performances, games and activities finished for a fun dusk for a whole family.

The alumni room was set adult and open for past graduates and stream students alike. Public Information Director Sarah Haas pronounced that a alumni room has always been a good partial of homecoming given it provides a former students a good approach to only settle down and speak around a list while looking during a aged yearbooks and unequivocally get behind in hold with any other.

“Some of us newbies have schooled a lot about a college and they, in turn, get to learn about some of a innovations we have finished during a college given they have been away,” pronounced Haas. “We have a new arrangement cases and until now we haven’t had a possibility to unequivocally showcase all of a awards, plaques and pictures.”

Thurman pronounced there are a lot of trophies on arrangement that were in a coaches’ offices and now they are means to be on open display.

“We got a cases a integrate months ago from Classic Design Jewelry in Park Hills that went out of business,” pronounced Thurman. “The man who bought them was removing absolved of some of a arrangement cases and we got them during a unequivocally good price. One of a painters, Larry, refinished a cases and they incited out unequivocally nice. So we were means to accumulate these opposite trophies here and put them in this room.”

Haas combined that only recently a St. Francois County Rotary Club partnered with MAC on creation a private dining room a “MAC Athletics Hall of Fame” and a initial inductees were Robert “Coach” Sechrest, Sr. and Harold “Hal” Loughary.

“So it was unequivocally good to christen a entertainment gymnasium of celebrity with those dual given they are only icons. Everybody recognizes those names,” pronounced Haas. “They are legends of Mineral Area College athletics.”

Former tyro and stream Housing Director Debi Bayless pronounced she was a stay during home mom for years and afterwards when her kids started propagandize she came behind to propagandize and finished her grade in 2000.

“Then we worked in opposite offices on campus and when we got my bachelor’s grade we worked for Missouri Police Corps, that used to be with Mineral Area College,” pronounced Bayless. “When they mislaid their sovereign appropriation we became a housing executive and we have been here ever since.”

Bayless combined that she was one of those non-traditional students who came behind to propagandize after years of being out and afterwards finished adult operative on campus. She pronounced it’s a good place to work.

“I consider a alumni room is awesome,” pronounced Bayless. “I have been examination them as they have been putting all a prize cases together. Some of these have been in storage for years and now they have them out on arrangement and we consider they have finished an overwhelming pursuit of putting together a decades. They are using a video arrangement a past games and only being means to see a players from several years to decades ago is only fun to watch.”

Patsy Hunt pronounced she is on a homecoming cabinet and this is a best arrangement so far. “We have built on it each year and we always try to supplement some-more to it to make it some-more appealing to everyone. we consider they have finished a good pursuit this year. Also, each year we are going to supplement dual cinema to a ‘Hall of Fame’ and one day a wall will be filled.”

Guests were means to suffer cookies and beverages while holding in a prize cases, a aged videos and countless photos. Yearbooks were set out from years past and people were means to pass by a room during their leisure. The basketball justice was full of life as a girls and afterwards a boys basketball teams played.

There were tables set adult charity giveaway popcorn. Attendees could pointer a poster, check out category rings, buy a section or raffles tickets for a lotto tree and most more. The MAC Bookstore was offered MAC’s commemorative homecoming T-shirts and there was a giveaway print counter for everybody to suffer removing photos taken with their friends.

For some-more information on other Mineral Area College Foundation events, such as a golf contest May 14, call Kevin Thurman during 573-518-2114, or strech him during

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