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December 9, 2015 - storage organizer

We’re going to be pity a preference of present guides on MacRumors over a subsequent dual weeks, featuring equipment hand-picked by a group of editors and writers along with a master present list curated from a suggestions of a forum members.

Our initial present beam was created by me, Juli Clover, and facilities a list of equipment that we possess and love, would adore to receive, or would adore to present to someone. There is no thesis here, though as I’ll explain along with any suggestion, all of these equipment are things that we possess privately or have finished a lot of investigate on.

Philips Hue HomeKit-Enabled Starter Kit ($194)

I’ve been regulating a Philips Hue line of lights given they initial came out in 2012 and we have zero though good things to contend about these bulbs, that can be set to a whole operation of opposite colors or several shades of white. The many new Hue Starter Kit includes HomeKit formation and facilities brighter 800 lumen bulbs. HomeKit formation isn’t a must, though it is easier than opening a app and we can ask Siri to do things like spin all your lights sapphire or prohibited pink.

If we know someone who already has a Hue setup, an additional light is a fun present to give. I’d suggest a $90 Hue Go unstable light or a $90 LightStrip Plus, good for ambient lighting anywhere. A $60 Hue Tap for activating 4 opposite scenes from a singular switch is also a useful accessory.


Pressed Flower iPhone Case ($40)

With a iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, we opted to get a rose bullion iPhone. It’s a beautiful tone that we wish to uncover off, so I’ve been looking into box options that let a tone look through. Searching by cases on a Internet, we found these poetic dried flower and root cases, a good choice to a normal case. I’ve also see identical cases on Etsy that are labelled some-more affordably, around $18.

Alternatively, Casetify is also a good site to revisit for box designs that go good with a iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. There are dozens of community-created clear-style cases that showcase a iPhone’s design, labelled during $40.


UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker ($99)

Lately I’ve been lusting over a waterproof Bluetooth orator so we can listen to song and audiobooks in a shower, and we consider this compress orator from Ultimate Ears hits a honeyed mark between price, design, and sound quality. It has a tag so it can hang adult and it’s prosaic adequate to absolutely fit into a bag so it can come along to a beach or a pool.

For louder sound, there’s also a UE Boom 2 ($199), that we indeed reviewed progressing this year. We haven’t tested a UE Roll, though we were fans of a UE Boom.

Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack ($60 to $100)

I bought a Kanken laptop trek from Fjallraven usually before CES final year to a comfortable, not-too-large resolution for toting my Retina MacBook Pro around, and it’s incited into one of my favorite bags. Different versions of a Kanken reason adult to a 17-inch laptop, and my chronicle for a 15-inch RMBP is impressively compress for all that it can hold.

It has a apart zip cell for my laptop (excellent for airfield security), along with a front pocket, dual side H2O bottle pockets, and an middle slot that binds my iPad Pro. The middle space is large adequate to reason all a accessories we use, including tough drives, over-ear headphones, a purse, and more, and a straps are padded so it’s gentle even when weighted down. Mine’s purple, though it comes in a garland of colors, all done from H2O resistant fabric. we favourite it so many that we bought another mini Kanken (~$60) for hiking and day trips. The mini is large adequate for an iPhone or an iPad mini, though zero larger.

Knomo Elektronista iPad Purse ($295)

The Knomo Elektronista is one of my favorite products I reviewed this year. It functions as possibly a purse or an wiring organizer with a ton of pockets and an enclosed battery pack. It has dedicated middle pockets for an iPad, an iPhone, credit cards, cables, and other contingency and ends, and dual outdoor pockets and a removable strap.

It unzips during a sides so all inside can be accessed quickly, and my favorite partial – it’s slim adequate that it can fit inside a incomparable trek or purse when we need some-more carrying space. I’d also like to indicate out a accessories from Intrepid Bag Co. to anyone looking for a laptop/ipad bag. We’ve partnered adult with Intrepid on some giveaways and response has been super certain – they make some beautiful (but expensive) bags. we can also suggest bags from Chrome Industries — they’re rugged, have tons of pockets, and are good for people who invert though need to lift a laptop or iPad.


Cable organizing solutions

I’ve been operative on gripping my bureau some-more organized, and one step towards that has been implementing some useful wire government solutions. we bought a $27 CableBox from BlueLounge after it was suggested to me by a co-worker to censor my energy frame and all trustworthy cords, and we desired it so many we bought one for my mom right afterwards.

Cable storage might be an radical gift, though if we know someone who has an uncontrollably disorderly table (like a editor-in-chief Eric Slivka), it’ll really be appreciated. Paired with a CableBox, we like a CableDrops ($10), that keep cords on desks, and Cable Turtles ($25) for circuitous adult additional cord. If we wish to get fancy, there’s a Griffin Guide Magnetic Cable Management set we reviewed final month, though it’s on a pricy side during $40.

For travel, something like a Cordito ($38) or a Cord Taco ($32 for 5) is ideal since they keep all those annoying iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch cables from removing tangled. For organizing both cords and tiny accessories, we use a Grid-It from Cocoon ($15) in my backpack, and it’s also been a renouned present I’ve given in a past.


Anova Precision Cooker ($199)

I haven’t used an Anova Precision Cooker for sous vide before, though when we posted about Apple offered it recently, a forum members were discerning to carillon in about how overwhelming it is. A integrate of my co-workers are also large fans, so this seems like an ideal present for a cooking enthusiast. The newest chronicle includes Wi-Fi so we can keep an eye on your food from a iPhone, though there are older, reduction costly versions that are Bluetooth only.


iSkelter Canvas Smart Desk for iPad Pro ($68)

iSkelter creates normal desks and path desks for Apple accessories by hand, and a Canvas Smart Desk is a newest product, designed for a iPad Pro. we have one of these on palm to exam forward of an arriving giveaway, and it’s one of my favorite iPad Pro accessories so distant since it’s ideal for operative divided from my desk.

There’s a cutout for a iPad Pro itself, where a iPad Pro lays prosaic for sketch or personification games, though it also fits a Smart Keyboard when propped up, giving me a fast aspect for typing. There’s a cutout for a Apple Pencil during a side, and another cutout for an iPhone or another iPad. A incomparable Canvas Pro edition is also accessible for $68 and includes additional space for holding something like a coffee cup. These are on Kickstarter, though will boat before Christmas.

Apple Pencil ($99)

If we can get your hands on one, an Apple Pencil also creates for an overwhelming present for a new iPad Pro owner. Apple Pencils are out of stock, so a usually approach to get one forward of Christmas is to check your internal Apple Store repeatedly. Apple Pencils aren’t usually good for artists – they’re fun for everyone. Paired with some elementary loll sketch books (some of my favorites are by Sachiko Umoto), an Apple Pencil is a good approach to tell and collect adult a new hobby.

We’re going to be pity additional present guides over a subsequent dual weeks, so make certain to keep an eye out for them. If we have a favorite product, feel giveaway to supplement it to a 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Master List, that is going to be incited into a present beam culled from a forum members’ many desired items.

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