‘MAD AS HELL’: Hundreds criticism opposite FL landfills

May 3, 2016 - storage organizer

GENEVA — Leland Henry of Waterloo cited an iconic stage in a 1976 film “Network” while addressing a convene of scarcely 400 anti-trash protesters Saturday morning.

In a movie, a undone news anchor urges people to hang their heads out a window and yell: “I’m insane as ruin and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

“We don’t have to hang a heads out windows,” Henry said. “But we do have to denote a resolve. We have to write letters. We have to pronounce out. We have to get insane as hell.

“This is a country, a land, a homes and a future. And we’re not going to let anyone screw it up,” he pronounced to applause.

Henry was one of 6 speakers to residence a throng after a criticism impetus from a Recreation Complex by Lakefront Park to Bicentennial Park on Exchange Street.

Nearly 400 people protested a importing of rubbish to a Seneca Meadows Landfill in Seneca Falls, a state’s largest, and a Ontario County Landfill in Flint, a third largest.

“We’ve been fighting these landfills for a decade and people are removing angry. The odor, a emissions are offensive people,” pronounced convene organizer Katie Bennett Roll of a city of Seneca.

A tipping indicate for many is Seneca Meadows’ bid to obtain a agreement to ride New York City rubbish it now takes by lorry by rail for 20 to 30 years, Roll said.

“That landfill should tighten in 7 years when it reaches capacity. We need to put vigour on a administrator and a DEC,” she said. “The state has to comprehend they have to make other counties revoke their waste. The Finger Lakes is not going to take it anymore,” Roll said.

Darrin Magee, a geology highbrow during Hobart and William Smith Colleges, pronounced a Finger Lakes is a “sacrifice zone” and a plant of environmental injustice, carrying to bear some-more than a satisfactory share of plain rubbish disposal.

“It’s not NIMBY. It’s not anti-railroad. The best approach to take trucks off a highway is to tighten a landfills in 2023 and 2028,” Magee said.

Seneca Falls Supervisor Greg Lazzaro told a throng that probably everybody he talks to in his village wants Seneca Meadows to tighten in 2023.

“We will continue to quarrel to tighten a landfill in 2023,” Lazzaro pronounced to cheers.

Thomas Tierney, conduct of a Green Club during Geneva High School, spoke of his warn when as a immature child he schooled a Ontario County landfill was not a genuine mountain, though a towering of trash.

“We don’t make adult most of a landfill. Most of it comes from outward a area, nonetheless we take it,” Tierney said.

Henry told a throng that city play can order landfills out of business and praised Seneca Falls officials for holding stairs to do that.

“SMI’s assent expires Oct. 10, 2017 and they have asked to replenish or extend that for another 10 years,” Henry said. “Can we picture how big, how ugly, how stinky it’ll be then? Who will wish to live here? Worse yet, who will wish to locate here? Now is a time to strike.”

City Councilor Ken Camera pronounced a people from Geneva, Waterloo and Seneca Falls are all partial of a incomparable village that caring about a whole Finger Lakes region.

“I titillate we to get active. Advocate to tighten a landfills when a time comes. we titillate we to recycle and pull for renewable energy,” Camera said.

He also emphasized a significance of electing pro-environment leaders to a state Legislature and Congress this November, creation a representation for John Plumb for a 23rd Congressional seat.

“We’re fighting for a presence of a Finger Lakes and all that it offers,” Camera said.

Among those marching were Dylan and Danielle Paolicelli of Seneca Falls, who pronounced a vast landfills negatively impact tourism, a peculiarity of life, atmosphere and water.

“There is usually too most rabble entrance to these dual landfills. Bringing it here by sight will usually make it easier,” pronounced Dylan.

“We mostly smell a dump inside a residence and we’re 5 miles away. It’s outrageous and it’s got to stop,” Danielle added.

Tom Angie of Aurora, Cayuga County, called a emanate “a vital concern.”

“Importing so most rabble to this pleasing area — it’s usually not right and we need to quarrel it,” he said.

Peggy King of Benton pronounced she is endangered about preserving Seneca Lake.

“The sight marks go right by a home,” King said. “We have to strengthen a environment, tourism and a wineries. It’s really important.”

The intensity of rabble trains to pierce some-more and some-more rabble over a years has to be stopped, pronounced Joe Benson of Canandaigua.

“These dual landfills are too vast and this area does not merit to have them. It’s a terrible legacy,” Benson said.

The throng was given handouts with write numbers to call a governor’s bureau each Wednesday, hostile long-term rabble importation and a storage of flighty chemicals in Seneca Lake in aged salt caverns.


Seneca Meadows informal manager Kyle Black watched a convene in Bicentennial Park from a Lyons National Bank sidewalk.

Seneca Meadows released this statement:

“We salute a Finger Lakes Railway and a growth of their Auburn Road depot during a Seneca Meadows Renewable Resource Park.”

“Statistics uncover a safest approach to pierce materials is by rail. We wish to attend in a transformation of rubbish by rail, that will take trucks off internal roads, revoke CO emissions by 75 percent and emanate good-paying internal jobs.’’

“Seneca Meadows supports positive, obliged swell in a community.”

Finger Lakes Railway, formed in Border City, also released a statement.

“Despite a ongoing disastrous campaigns in antithesis to rubbish by rail, this module is designed to mislay complicated lorry trade already entrance into a segment on internal and informal highways,” pronounced railway President Michael Smith.

“Opposing groups continue to equivocate review with a tyrannise and to falsify a rail business. Waste by rail is an environmentally higher mode of travel than complicated prolonged ride lorry trailers now hauling rubbish to internal landfills,” Smith said.

Smith pronounced a association is looking into either “ongoing title attacks” on a rail attention could be seen as an division of widespread commerce.

“Local protests opposite informal trains that ride products safely and well unfortunately concentration on a wrong issues,” Smith said.

“The issues should be how businesses and residents can combine to assistance a surrounding counties emanate mercantile vitality by utilizing all their resources and resources,” he said.

“There are people in this village that sensitively support a tyrannise and a business growth efforts. To besiege one commodity and one attention and to tag that as a rivalry is unproductive,” Smith said, suggesting internal towns adopt a sister village in New York City neighborhoods to partner on ways to revoke their rubbish tide by recycling and composting.

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