Marie Kondo-certified Edina organizer helps giveaway we of clutter

January 12, 2018 - storage organizer

With 3 hockey-playing school-age kids, a consulting career and a dog, Margaret Kershner has a lot on her plate. And a lot of things in her and her husband’s Edina home.

“We got to a indicate it was overwhelming, and we started looking for help,” she said.

Enter crony and neighbor Michele Vig, a veteran organizer (Neat Little Nest) and a initial Minnesotan to be approved by Marie Kondo. The Japanese organizing consultant and bestselling author behind “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” took on a cluttered universe with her KonMari method, a authority on paring down to security that “spark joy” — and vouchsafing go of a rest.

Now Vig was requesting a KonMari process in Kershner’s kitchen and pantry. They’d reorganized her closet, expelling about half her wardrobe. She’d schooled a art of folding so that all in a drawer is visible. Then, they tackled her books and papers. The kitchen was a final frontier.

“We’re operative together, operative on a system,” pronounced Vig, a former Caribou Coffee selling executive who has been assisting friends and family with home organizing for years, prolonged before she incited pro.

After she review Kondo’s book, “I was extraordinary if it was something we should pursue,” Vig said, so she submitted cinema and was supposed to take partial in a three-day training convention in Chicago, where she met Kondo. “She’s unequivocally picky about her method.”

After a plan was complete, Kershner and Vig checked out a newly reorganized break drawer.