Marie Kondo’s pivotal to happiness: boxes

July 24, 2018 - storage organizer

“I mostly hear that it’s unequivocally formidable to means your proclivity for a tidying tour all by yourself so carrying a village is unequivocally important,” Kondo says.

Designing a line of bento box-inspired valuables cases for a San Francisco conform code Cuyana progressing this year taught Kondo a energy and strategies for offered directly to consumers. “The product sole out quickly, so we knew we had done a tie with consumers,” she says. “We schooled that carrying a earthy product unequivocally encouraged people to neat their things and we got vehement about a probability of introducing some-more tidying collection for a home.” 

But clutterbugs, take note: Kondo clarifies that boxes aren’t places to censor pointless contingency and ends. Boxes, she says, are protecting housing for a many precious, well-chosen equipment that should be perfectly folded and filed following a KonMari way. “It has to be a box that creates a equipment stored inside happy,” she explains.

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