Maximize Your Storage Space

January 25, 2016 - storage organizer

max storage

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)   Get a many out of your space!  Rick Woods, Professional Organizer from The Functional Organizer showed us how to get a many out of a smaller spaces.

8 Ways To Maximize Your Storage Space

  • 1. Closet: Install double unresolved rods for clothes. Tops on top. Bottoms on bottom.
  • 2. Closet: Use behind of doorway to store accessories like scarfs, belts, and ties.
  • 3. Attic/Basement/Garage: Purchase mixed transparent bins of same distance for easy stacking on tip of one another along one wall.
  • 4. Attic/Basement/Garage: Go vertical. Think building to roof for shelves and cabinets.
  • 5. Kitchen: Keep name tiny appliances off a opposite tucked divided in reduce cabinets for easy retrieval. If probable have x-ray mounted underneath top cupboard to giveaway adult additional opposite space.
  • 6. Kitchen: Go vertical. In cabinet, smoke-stack trays and cookie piece straight instead of horizontal.
  • 7. Bath: Use hooks on a behind of your lavatory doorway so towels can dry.
  • 8. Bedroom: Store photos and/or jacket paper in shoal bins/boxes underneath your bed.
  • 9. BONUS: Declutter those equipment in your existent cabinets, shelves, and bins FIRST to giveaway adult some-more space. The reduction we have, a reduction we need to store.

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