Med Manager: The Ultimate Medicine Organizer Launches Kickstarter Campaign

March 1, 2018 - storage organizer

Now Seeking Community Support around Kickstarter, This Organizer Manages Everything from Important Medications to Critical information into One Seamless Case!

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Lawrenceville, GA — (ReleaseWire) — 02/28/2018 — Med Manager is a simple, unsentimental and innovative resolution for people regulating remedy medication. It is a extensive box that is designed to reason adult to 15 drugs as good as vicious medical information scarcely so that in any puncture situation, patients can simply collect adult a box and go. The Med Manager also acts as an organizational apparatus to assistance revoke home confusion and support in holding a right drugs during a right time. The box comes with many facilities and benefits, and it is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter for a vast scale production.

“Having a centralized storage complement for a stream drugs and vicious medical information could assistance lessen some of a risks of double dosing, holding a wrong medication, or misplacing critical medications.” Said Hampton Wingate a orator of Med Manager, while introducing this resolution to a Kickstarter community. “We devise to use these supports to infer to a vital manufacturer that there is a vital need for organizing drugs so that we can pierce brazen with a vast prolongation run and start assisting people in need.” He added.

In addition, a deduction from a supports lifted with this debate will also play a vital purpose in bringing Med Manager smartphone app to life. The purpose of this debate is to simply assistance patients from around a universe and a creators of this plan are also charity worldwide shipping of Med Manager for a backers on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on a web at: and supporters from around a universe can behind this plan by creation inexhaustible pledges and donations. Each oath offers a good prerogative including Med Manager, and some-more sum are accessible on a Kickstarter debate page of a project.

About Med Manager
“This product was grown from a personal family experience. We too have had desired ones incompetent to classify their remedy effectively due to a ongoing condition or some other illness that can eventually lead to detriment of time with family, work and life” pronounced Dr. Harry Wingate a creator of a Med Manager. There is no one distance fits all resolution to elucidate a issues regarding to pharmacological therapy though a blueprint of a Med Manager was designed for ease-of-use formed on some these issues faced during those experiences. The plan is dictated to assistance millions of patients with formidable remedy regimens worldwide and a creators of this plan are now lifting supports and support on Kickstarter to make a Med Manager a tellurian reality.

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