Milwaukee Mobile Work Station: Uplifting New Model

April 29, 2017 - storage organizer

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station

Milwaukee Tool recently announced a further of a 52-inch Milwaukee Mobile Work Station featuring a raised, reversible work aspect that allows users to clamp materials.

The work hire is assembled with a reinforced angle iron support and 5-inch industrial casters, 2 pullout trays, 9 drawers with 100-pound soothing tighten sides, a core drawer with a moveable divider, multi-position apparatus tray, discerning entrance apparatus holder, energy apparatus organizer to keep collection upright, a built-in energy center, USB ports, and a sum weight ability of 1800 lbs.

Our Take

Last summer we raved about a Milwaukee 60-inch Mobile Work Station and we’re happy to see that Milwaukee is still creation glorious storage solutions to element a low apparatus lineup. Most of us here during PTR determine that it’s tough to have too many storage space given as shortly as we do, we fill it adult with some-more tools. It all works out.


The standout underline of this new work hire is a lifted work aspect that accommodates clamps from 3 sides. It’s tough to understate how this transforms what would differently be only a large (albeit awesome) toolbox and work aspect into a many some-more organic workbench. The form of work we can perform expands to routing, gluing up, carving, sanding, sawing, and many some-more given we can reason element securely. And when you’re done, all a collection we used can be stowed divided underneath. You also have a choice to place chargers on a outward tray and, block into a energy core that also includes USB ports, and store collection along a side in a quick-access holder. It’s all utterly impressive.

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station

There are a integrate of trade-offs for all that good stuff. The work aspect is 8 inches shorter though it unequivocally hurts to remove a pegboard. It’s a many simply accessed storage place and, when it’s organized, it only looks great. Perhaps Milwaukee suspicion that easy incomparable pieces for clamping necessitated withdrawal a pegboard off. You could always hurl a new Milwaukee Mobile Work Station adult to that you’ve already commissioned a pegboard, we suppose. In any event, we’d adore to see during slightest a choice for a pegboard with this unit. Until then, we’re still as happy as could be with all those soft-close drawers, pull-out trays, and classification options.


Milwaukee Mobile Work Station Features

  • Angle iron frame
  • 5-inch industrial casters
  • 100-pound soothing tighten drawer slides
  • Raised work aspect with pullout trays
  • Built-in energy center
  • Multi-position apparatus tray and integrated organizers
  • 9 drawers 2 pull-out trays
  • Available: May 2017

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station Specifications

  • Width: 52 inches
  • Weight capacity: 1800 pounds
  • Price: $599

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