Modesty of yesteryear appears during ‘Victorian Secrets’ show

March 11, 2015 - storage organizer

NEWARK, Ohio — If a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had taken place 150 years ago, it might
have resembled “Victorian Secrets: Lingerie From a Past.”

The latter offering, a Saturday fundraiser for a Licking County Historical Society, will
feature 7 proffer models who, after a luncheon, will enclose selected corsets, nightgowns and
petticoats — including some from a mid-1800s.

The undergarments of aged are, of course, medium by complicated standards.

“This is really rated PG,” pronounced eventuality co-organizer Emily Larson, curator of the
Sherwood-Davidson House Museum.

“It’s positively milder than many things you’d see on radio and most milder than a Victoria’s
Secret commercial.”

The undergarments customarily reside in storage during a Sherwood-Davidson House and Webb House
museums in Newark.

Although museum purists competence not concede anyone to wear such ethereal pieces, Larson and fellow
organizer and curator Mindy Nelson cite that people see them.

“Why should . . . (they) lay in a box?” Larson asked.

The multitude has showcased other selected panoply in years past, though a Saturday uncover will mark
its initial such display of lingerie.

“We always looked during a trip and laughed and suspicion we should do something,” Larson

Newark proprietor Wendy Hartman will indication a few outfits, including a fringe-laden coral dress from
the 1920s and a somewhat some-more complicated rayon-cotton corset.

“It feels like time travel,” pronounced Hartman, a 26-year-old practice manager during a Newark

“I only suppose some fun lady carrying her jazz on her gramophone and watchful to trip off to a
speak-easy and have some bootleg cocktail.”

Male garments, too, will be shared.

Doug Gill, 66, of Newark will indication a paisley nap dress from a late 1800s, a complicated cotton
nightshirt and waffle-weave string longjohns with a “trapdoor” in a back.

The Civil War re-enactor had jokingly due to “do a striptease and wear them all,” he

Hartman has further kept her clarity of amusement about a event.

When she recently attempted on a coral dress and corset, she quipped: “I’m blissful there are many,
many years — and, I’m sure, many, many washes — that apart me from whoever else wore this.”


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