Modular Desk Organizer Designed to Be Tidily Tiled Together

October 14, 2014 - storage organizer

Anyone who appreciates minimalism and classification will adore a .ORG Deskscape done as partial of a partnership between Seattle-based Ladies Gentlemen Studio (LG;) and Brooklyn-based Pat Kim. The modular table accessories, that includes a coop rest, storage tray, note house and iPad/letter holder, are done from plain wood, cork, and metal. Whether we use one, none, or all of them, this table set will supplement something special to your workspace.


Each procedure is crafted in tiny batches within a USA and comes finished with healthy Danish oil, that can surfaced adult with additional oil if needed. Underneath a executive member of a set are dual laser-etched logos that credit a dual studios concerned in a table set’s production.


Pat Kim creatively worked in fondle pattern and high finish furniture, though shortly detected a knack for formulating fun, thoughtful, and undying objects after distinguished out on his own. His idea is to make pleasing things and move them to world.

LG; Studio’s categorical aim is to find astonishing pairings of element and duty by witty scrutiny and quick curiosity. Their open, multidisciplinary proceed to pattern yields an unexpected, ever-evolving set of ideas and experiments collected from their bland experiences.




The .ORG Deskscape is available around LG;’s website for $250.

Ladies Gentlemen Studio / Pat Kim

Images by LG;

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