More than oil: Texas organisation pitches propane trade during Port of Longview

September 3, 2015 - storage organizer

A Houston-based association Wednesday denounced skeleton for a dramatically stretched appetite plan on private skill during a Port of Longview.

In further to a formerly announced $800 oil refinery, Waterside Energy suggested it wants to build a apart $450 million glass propane trade facility.

The sum investment would be $1.25 billion and would emanate 700 construction jobs and 180 approach jobs once a comforts went online, Riverside officials said.

“Longview has a genius that ‘We can get a pursuit done’, we wish to deposit in a community,” pronounced Lou Soumas, Waterside Energy CEO told The Daily News editorial board.

Wednesday evening, Soumas and other Waterside officials described a projects to an estimated 200 people during a Cowlitz Expo Center. The association has not nonetheless started to find permits for a project.

Both due projects would be built on private skill totaling 75 acres: One parcel is owned by Fern America, another owned by N.A.P. Steel. The locations are somewhat opposite from those announced earlier.

Waterside already has a agreement with N.A.P. Steel, fortuitous on a successful understanding with a port, to buy a land and afterwards franchise it behind to N.A.P. for a two-year construction period. The steel association is now looking to immigrate in Longview, pronounced Danny Younce, N.A.P. ubiquitous manager.

The usually partial of a Waterside plan a Port would have office over is an subterraneous pipeline, a rail mezzanine and a quay that would be indispensable to boat petroleum products.

The plan in no approach infringes on a port’s “laydown” yard, and load doing area that kinship dockworkers shielded from intrusion by a due Haven Energy butane and trade terminal.

Riverside’s newly due glass petroleum (LPG) gas trade trickery is dubbed “Washington Energy Storage and Transfer” (WEST). It could accept adult to 75,000 barrels per day of butane and propane.

Every month, about 29 pressurized rail trains would lift propane and butane from Canada and North Dakota to Longview. The trains would use a port’s rail mezzanine and equivocate all travel crossings.

Once delivered, a propane would be cold and stored in refrigerated tanks, that Waterside pronounced is a safer routine of storage than pressurized tanks (which Haven proposed). Eventually it would be exported to Asia by 4 ships any month.

The LPG plan will be a 50/50 try with a yet-to-be-named partner, Soumas said.

Waterside’s due propane trade trickery would indeed be incomparable than a Haven project, that pier commissioners deserted this spring.

Soumas pronounced his association is really opposite from Haven.

“We were examination (Haven) from a sidelines and arrange of scratching a heads,” he said.

Riverside due oil refinery would routine 45,000 barrels per day of oil — 15,000 barrels of unfeeling seed oils and 30,000 barrels of wanton oil. Most of that product will be sole into a larger Portland market.

The association says about 10, mile-long “unit” trains would broach light Midwestern wanton oil to a Longview plan any month. (This means a dual plan components total will move about 39 trains a month to a area.)

Riverside Refining would boost a volume of renewable fuels constructed in a segment by 235 percent, according to a company, and would accommodate low-carbon fuel standards that could potentially be adopted in Washington.

Soumas pronounced mixing both renewable and wanton oil during a plant is required since investors aren’t meddlesome in renewable fuels alone, and a wanton oil member was too tiny to mount by itself.

“We can’t do one but a other during this point. The marketplace won’t let us,” Soumas.

An environmental organisation questioned how immature a plan truly is though.

“I see a biofuels member as a open front for what is simply a new oil refinery on a Columbia River,” pronounced Columbia Riverkeeper organizer Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky.

She also lifted concerns about intensity ostracism zones around ships, and about a accumulative impact of “far some-more section trains” entrance by a region.

Soumas pronounced his association would usually accept “stable, low vapor” wanton private of flighty components to reduce a risks compared with crude-by-rail.

Port Commissioner Bob Bagaason pronounced Wednesday “there are so many positives” to Waterside’s due projects.

“If something this outrageous comes in, it’s going to change a port,” Bagaason said.

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