Mountain Wheels: All-wheel-drive Toyota Sienna offers interior bulk (review)

August 19, 2017 - storage organizer

A few discerning difference on a workhorse of a minivan world, one whose all-wheel-drive choice creates it a some-more appealing choice for towering dwellers — generally given a massively redesigned indication is on a way.

Since a final re-do in 2015, a Toyota Sienna has worked to compute itself from a group of minivans and minivan-esque crossovers on a marketplace by a possess brew of singular seating and storage features.

And while it seems that usually a really high-end European automakers have strived to make their vans tumble reduction into that rather scandalous “parental duty/lifestyle concession” difficulty — Mercedes-Benz creates a really cold van, usually not in North America, or we could be one of those aggro forms with an apocalypse-ready 4WD VW Vanagon Syncro — Sienna has positively attempted to de-van a outpost experience.

That’s going to be some-more apparent on a super-swept 2018 model, set to arrive this fall, nonetheless a existent Sienna is still flattering pointy with a neatly wedged nose with a louver-styled grille, vast headlamps and haze lamps, and a extended tail with a conspicuous atmosphere dam atop a behind glass.

You usually can’t do most about a hulk and boxy wall of … well, boxiness, as this is a high-capacity appurtenance that offers enormous load room and, in a second row, seating that can't be matched in any other car out there, in terms of feet room and comfort.

My indication enclosed those dual really gentle and rugged captains chairs in a second row, that run on shifting marks and can be literally changed roughly 3 feet from a front quarrel seats.

Behind them, there’s a really cushy 60/40 separate chair that reclines way, approach back; Toyota’s one-motion reserve chair complement means we can holder a hoop and raise possibly territory (or both) into under-the building storage bins, for a probably prosaic building space. Alternately, discretionary load organizer bins with lids also dump into those spots, formulating plenty lonesome storage space.

Those second quarrel seats can also be popped out of their marks and, with a jot of effort, private and stored in a garage. That leaves an extraordinary 150 cubic feet of storage, good for a full-sized couch, as we discovered.

Rear cabin comfort is really a name of a diversion in van-land and a Limited Premium book we gathering featured a stowaway ceiling-mounted widescreen TV, wireless headphones, roof movement ducts and a full behind AC-control system, as good as several video inputs and full electrical outlets in a distant rear.

The side doors both electrically muster — we can use your remote, yank easily on a handles or press door-opening switches on a inside — as does a tailgate. The side doors also underline large opening windows and primer sunshades; there are also sunshades in a third quarrel windows. Sienna offers double sunroofs, one for a behind passengers as well.

Driving a Sienna competence not accurately be a sporty experience, generally deliberation a vehicle’s extended figure (a small over 200 inches prolonged and 78 inches wide) and setup, though it’s not a misfortune thing, either. Power is granted by a 3.5-liter V-6 that offers a important 296 horsepower, good for removing we rolling on a turnpike or providing plenty appetite for a passes, even with 4,750 pounds of unladen van.

An eight-speed involuntary delivery also seemed flattering intuitive, and a formula are pronounced to get we about 24 highway mpg — while other information points are easy to find on a instrument video panel, mpg was not. Still improved than a Suburban, we competence add, and usually 60 HP less, as well.

Parking and maneuvering does need a small additional commitment though it’s not like pushing an RV; chances are your biggest emanate will be traffic with rear-seat distractions, and we wish we all a best in that.

Front-cabin pattern is pleasing in Toyota’s peculiar new operation of asymmetrical character choices, including a deep, prosaic dash, a console-mounted shifter and somewhat stiff front and behind AC controls. A extended touchscreen guard and JBL audio badging indicates a few some-more reward touches, while a stitched leather row on a lurch and a develop of silken mistake timber suggests an try to go upscale.

As mentioned, a most some-more Japanese tuner-styled 2018 Sienna debuts soon, we hear.

2017 Toyota Sienna LTD Premium AWD

MSRP: $47,310; As tested: $50,769

Powertrain: 296-HP 3.5-liter V-6 with eight-speed involuntary delivery

EPA figures: 20 MPG total (18 city/24 highway)

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